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1 qst660106_msg0001 84 Shulk, Fiora... There something I have to give you.
2 qst660106_msg0002 84 What is it?
3 qst660106_msg0003 84 Look.
4 qst660106_msg0004 84 Some kind of funny-looking ring...?
5 qst660106_msg0005 84 Strange it may look, yes, but it is extremely valuable.
6 qst660106_msg0006 84 It called Alrest Linkring. Archrare treasure of Nopon Archsage.
7 qst660106_msg0007 84 If friends have this, friends can travel to world of Alrest.
8 qst660106_msg0008 84 That's crazy. I never knew something like that even existed.
9 qst660106_msg0009 84 You could've given it to us a lot sooner, you know.
10 qst660106_msg0010 84 I never thought friends could make it this far. That is reason.
11 qst660106_msg0011 84 But friends showed something special. That deserve very special reward.
12 qst660106_msg0012 84 I guess that makes sense.
13 qst660106_msg0013 84 Thank you, then.
14 qst660106_msg0014 84 Come! Friends try on now.
15 qst660106_msg0015 84 Whoa... This is incredible!
16 qst660106_msg0016 84 I can see the portal that Rex and the others came through!
17 qst660106_msg0017 84 That means you'll be able to go back to Alrest with us!
18 qst660106_msg0018 84 Nice one!
19 qst660106_msg0019 84 However. There is special condition.
20 qst660106_msg0020 84 Oh, yeah?
21 qst660106_msg0021 84 It is not bodies of Shulk and Fiora that will travel to Alrest...
22 qst660106_msg0022 84 Only their spirits.
23 qst660106_msg0023 84 Come again? How does that work...?
24 qst660106_msg0024 84 It like a ghost thing.
25 qst660106_msg0025 84 Friends be on Alrest, but not actually exist there. In actuality, friends will remain right here.
26 qst660106_msg0026 84 But we'll still be able to explore the world that Rex comes from?
27 qst660106_msg0027 84 Very much so.
28 qst660106_msg0028 84 Friends able to see, eat, fight, speak... Can do most things just like normal.
29 qst660106_msg0029 84 That sounds brilliant! Where do I sign?
30 qst660106_msg0030 84 Yeah... I'm curious to experience that for myself.
31 qst660106_msg0031 84 I very happy that friends happy.
32 qst660106_msg0032 84 I, Nopon Archsage, spend thousand years finding Alrest Linkring, so please not to drop in toilet accidentally.
33 qst660106_msg0033 84 Shulk, Rex, it seems like maybe it'd be quickest to just try for ourselves. Shall we get going?
34 qst660106_msg0034 84 Yeah, I reckon you might be right...
35 qst660106_msg0037 84 Let's go then!