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1 qst660104_msg0001 84 Wow! Your world sounds way different from Alrest, Shulk. I can't even imagine!
2 qst660104_msg0002 84 But they also have a fair number of things in common. It's so curious...
3 qst660104_msg0003 84 In any case, now that we know what's what, we can start exploring this place in earnest.
4 qst660104_msg0004 84 Hm. Not that there's much to see here...
5 qst660104_msg0005 84 Shulk, Fiora, have you guys been here before?
6 qst660104_msg0006 84 No, never.
7 qst660104_msg0007 84 Fiora and I were just walking, when suddenly we saw this odd light... It turned out to be a portal.
8 qst660104_msg0008 84 And, Shulk being Shulk, he just had to stick his nose in and see what it was all about.
9 qst660104_msg0009 84 Yes, sorry about that...
10 qst660104_msg0010 84 What happened to us was fairly similar.
11 qst660104_msg0011 84 Tora also think like Shulk! Not care if curiosity killed Nopon, cannot stop self from touching things!
12 qst660104_msg0012 84 Wasn't it our chum who did the deed, though?
13 qst660104_msg0013 84 ...Fact is irrelevant...
14 qst660104_msg0014 84 So the portal you came through is over there somewhere?
15 qst660104_msg0015 84 Yeah. You came through a different one, then?
16 qst660104_msg0016 84 That's right. It's just over there.
17 qst660104_msg0017 84 I...can't see anything.
18 qst660104_msg0018 84 Same here.
19 qst660104_msg0019 84 I suspected as much...
20 qst660104_msg0020 84 Each of us can only see the portal that we ourselves passed through.
21 qst660104_msg0021 84 We can't travel to your world, Rex, and you can't travel to ours.
22 qst660104_msg0022 84 So we can only meet here?
23 qst660104_msg0023 84 It seems that way.
24 qst660104_msg0024 84 It decided then? We spend nice time chatting here?
25 qst660104_msg0025 84 Ooh, shall I prepare some snacks?
26 qst660104_msg0026 84 Oh, yes please, Pyra! I'd love a bite!
27 qst660104_msg0027 84 That not such good idea...
28 qst660104_msg0028 84 Who's there?!
29 qst660104_msg0029 84 The voice came from above!
30 qst660104_msg0030 84 Over here.
31 qst660104_msg0031 84 When did he...?!
32 qst660104_msg0032 84 Is no big deal. Not for Nopon Archsage.
33 qst660104_msg0033 84 Who are you?
34 qst660104_msg0034 84 Nopon Archsage is great Nopon who, through endless training in many times and places, become sagest of sages.
35 qst660104_msg0035 84 Even though Archsage look even more littlepon than Tora?
36 qst660104_msg0036 84 Such rudepon.
37 qst660104_msg0037 84 Despite appearance, Nopon Archsage is hundred million times age of Tora.
38 qst660104_msg0038 84 A hundred million? I'm not buying it.
39 qst660104_msg0039 84 Friends believe or not, it not matter. But truth is truth, and truth is that Nopon Archsage make this place.
40 qst660104_msg0040 84 You made this place?
41 qst660104_msg0041 84 Indeedy!
42 qst660104_msg0042 84 But whatever for?
43 qst660104_msg0043 84 To pose, and witness overcoming of, combat challenges of unimaginable and frankly unbelievable difficulty.
44 qst660104_msg0044 84 He means to test our mettle, then...?
45 qst660104_msg0045 84 Strange hobby for a Nopon to have...
46 qst660104_msg0046 84 Yeah. That doesn't sound very pleasant at all...
47 qst660104_msg0047 84 Mehh...? That very upsetting to hear...
48 qst660104_msg0048 84 As long as can get reward, Tora have no problem with challenging challenge!
49 qst660104_msg0049 84 But of course!
50 qst660104_msg0050 84 If friends can overcome challenges, Nopon Archsage will fork over treats commensurate with results.
51 qst660104_msg0051 84 Ooh, ooh, can Tora win rare tropical edition of Tasty Sausage?
52 qst660104_msg0052 84 That was actually not very tasty, so Nopon Archsage liquidate stock.
53 qst660104_msg0053 84 Mehh? Tora come up with thing on spur of moment. Is really real product?!
54 qst660104_msg0054 84 May not have that particular item, but still many other rare stuffs to give.
55 qst660104_msg0055 84 Sounds interesting, eh, Mòrag?
56 qst660104_msg0056 84 I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious...
57 qst660104_msg0057 84 Well then, it sounds like we're up to the challenge!
58 qst660104_msg0058 84 Shulk, Fiora, what do you think?
59 qst660104_msg0059 84 If it was Reyn, I'd probably say no way, but... Eh, I'm in!
60 qst660104_msg0060 84 You can't really get to know someone without having a few skirmishes together, right?
61 qst660104_msg0061 84 If Fiora's feeling it, I'm in too.
62 qst660104_msg0062 84 Super-duper!
63 qst660104_msg0063 84 But the way you guys fight is different from how we do it in our world... Why don't we take on a support role?
64 qst660104_msg0064 84 Good point.
65 qst660104_msg0065 84 It looks like we can summon our weapons at will. I guess that would make us like your world's Blades.
66 qst660104_msg0066 84 Wow, that's gotta be a nice skill to have.
67 qst660104_msg0067 84 Going into battle with Fiora sounds like it'd be a trip.
68 qst660104_msg0068 84 Look forward to it!
69 qst660104_msg0069 84 Well then! When friends feel ready, please give Nopon Archsage shout.
70 qst660104_msg0070 84 Then Challenge Battle can begin!
71 qst660104_msg0110 84 Fate of Poppi and friends was similar!
72 qst660104_msg0111 84 Tora also think like Shulk! Not care if curiosity killed Nopon, cannot stop self from touching things!
73 qst660104_msg0112 84 But it was Rex-Rex who activate portal, not Masterpon...
74 qst660104_msg0128 84 Who's there?!
75 qst660104_msg0144 84 So you want to test our strength...?
76 qst660104_msg0155 84 Tora wanna have go!
77 qst660104_msg0156 84 I'm a bit curious myself. Rex, don't you think we should try it?
78 qst660104_msg0157 84 I'm with you, Nia. And I love a good challenge!