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1 qst650514_msg0001 84 We're in the deepest part of Elpys Great Hall... The Vault of Heroes.
2 qst650514_msg0002 84 I'm finding it incredible that such wide, open spaces could stretch inside a Titan... Inside a living creature.
3 qst650514_msg0003 84 Quite! Though we Titans may not even be conscious of it ourselves.
4 qst650514_msg0004 84 Frequently people will build things and let them fall into ruins, all inside us, and we won't notice in the slightest!
5 qst650514_msg0005 84 That's taking "insensitive" to a whole new level, eh, Gramps?
6 qst650514_msg0006 84 There's cheeky, and then there's rude!
7 qst650514_msg0007 84 Hah... It brings me back...
8 qst650514_msg0008 84 Mira's got its share of mysterious ruins too, all built by unknown hands.
9 qst650514_msg0009 84 Yeah, I don't think anyone knows who built all these ones either...
10 qst650514_msg0010 84 Well, the Vault of Heroes being a notable exception, I guess.
11 qst650514_msg0011 84 Oh, is that right?
12 qst650514_msg0012 84 Indeed. This place is dedicated to Addam, a hero from the days of yore.
13 qst650514_msg0013 84 He fought a great battle to save people, then sealed his power away here and disappeared, who knows where...
14 qst650514_msg0014 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]A hero, huh...?
15 qst650514_msg0015 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]That's what we in NLA called the one who gave their life to save the people of the White Whale...
16 qst650514_msg0016 84 You used to be Addam's Blade, right, Mythra?
17 qst650514_msg0017 84 Yeah, five hundred years ago...
18 qst650514_msg0018 84 Though I've slept through most of the intervening years, so it feels much more recent that that.
19 qst650514_msg0019 84 What? Is there something on my face?
20 qst650514_msg0020 84 So you used to be a hero's partner, too. You should cherish those memories while they last.
21 qst650514_msg0021 84 Did you not hear what I just said?
22 qst650514_msg0022 84 To me it feels like it happened last month, so it doesn't exactly fall under "memories to cherish" or "used to"...
23 qst650514_msg0023 84 ...Is that right...? *glare*
24 qst650514_msg0024 84 All right, all right! I'll cherish them, OK?!
25 qst650514_msg0025 84 And in any case, isn't it more important for me to make good memories with my current Driver...? ...Maybe...?
26 qst650514_msg0026 84 I don't think that's what Elma's saying.
27 qst650514_msg0027 84 What is she saying, then?
28 qst650514_msg0028 84 The ruins found on Mira or on Alrest are like those worlds' memories.
29 qst650514_msg0029 84 I'm saying you don't have to deny your past to live in the present. We should move ahead, make memories as we go.
30 qst650514_msg0030 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]I think...he...thinks so too.