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1 qst650513_msg0001 84 It would appear we are here. This is the Ancient Wall which we were to investigate.
2 qst650513_msg0002 84 The land seems ravaged. It's like some ancient battleground.
3 qst650513_msg0003 84 That is exactly what it is.
4 qst650513_msg0004 84 Well, to be honest, it's also a fairly recent battleground.
5 qst650513_msg0005 84 Indeed... Regrettably, one of the parties responsible for that was my homeland, the Ardainian Empire.
6 qst650513_msg0006 84 I assume from your tone, you were against it?
7 qst650513_msg0007 84 Completely. Of course, in certain matters conflict is simply unavoidable...
8 qst650513_msg0008 84 But this was not one of those matters.
9 qst650513_msg0009 84 It was a foolish dispute to start, made worse by fools who sought to use it for their own benefit.
10 qst650513_msg0010 84 ...Nothing more.
11 qst650513_msg0011 84 This world is much like mine, then.
12 qst650513_msg0012 84 Was it like that on Mira, too?
13 qst650513_msg0013 84 Oh, our struggle for survival on Mira is a simple thing in comparison.
14 qst650513_msg0014 84 I was thinking of the rise and fall of entire space-faring civilizations in the more distant past of my universe...
15 qst650513_msg0015 84 A clash between two great forces in the near vicinity of Earth space... That conflict was foolish in the utmost.
16 qst650513_msg0016 84 I do not comprehend every nuance of meaning in your words, yet the depth of desolation behind them is clear as day.
17 qst650513_msg0017 84 For my part, small though it may be, I wish to quell what senseless conflict is within my means to quell.
18 qst650513_msg0018 84 I feel exactly the same...