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1 qst650512_msg0001 84 These are the Ruins of Fountain Park.
2 qst650512_msg0002 84 This looks like the place where I first met all of you... With the petals dancing in the breeze...
3 qst650512_msg0003 84 You don't see a view like this everyday.
4 qst650512_msg0004 84 It was a lucky day for us when we met you, Elma, and today's another one!
5 qst650512_msg0005 84 The cherry blossoms make for such enchanting rain...
6 qst650512_msg0006 84 You're so poetic, Elma, I love it! Is "cherry" the Miran word for the Saffronia trees?
7 qst650512_msg0007 84 Oh, you call them Saffronias? They do look fairly similar to the cherry trees I'm familiar with.
8 qst650512_msg0008 84 I'm touched, I really am. I didn't think I'd get to see them again.
9 qst650512_msg0009 84 Oh... Did those trees only grow on Earth, the place you said was lost...?
10 qst650512_msg0010 84 That's right. They were synonymous with a country that was beloved by someone who was very dear to me.
11 qst650512_msg0011 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Wow, it sounds like a real sad story... She talks about it with so much feeling! But we have to respect her privacy...
12 qst650512_msg0012 84 Say, Elma. This dear person, was he your boyfriend or something?
13 qst650512_msg0013 84 M-my Prince! How can you be so indelicate?!
14 qst650512_msg0014 84 Ahahah... I'll leave that to your imagination.
15 qst650512_msg0015 84 ...The Saffronia trees were the first things I saw when I came to this world.
16 qst650512_msg0016 84 I wonder if it was part of the Nopon Archsage's plan, too. If so, I'll have to thank him...
17 qst650512_msg0017 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]I think that's giving him approximately seven billion times too much credit, but I guess I'll keep that to myself...