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1 qst650504_msg0001 84 Ah, Archsage see friend come bearing Nopon Summons, Pt. 2! Is that meaning friend come prepared for anything?
2 qst650504_msg0002 84 Should I be worried...?
3 qst650504_msg0003 84 New challenges "Otherworldly Fighter" and "Poisoned Paradise" are tough as nails! Need every preparation in book!
4 qst650504_msg0004 84 Otherworldly fighter...? Whoever they are, that does sound like a challenge...
5 qst650504_msg0005 84 That one is self-explanatory. Friend try, friend understand. Hopefully friend enjoy!
6 qst650504_msg0006 84 But for Poisoned Paradise challenge, Archsage offer teensy bit of free advice.
7 qst650504_msg0007 84 Setting is this: poison monster appear suddenly in spring on certain island!
8 qst650504_msg0008 84 What kind of poison monster...?
9 qst650504_msg0009 84 Name is Cloud Sea Befouler Ioth, and, true to name, he befoul pure spring so now it deadly and stinky!
10 qst650504_msg0010 84 No place in battle is safe! Have to combat poison and enemies! Challenge is very high-level tough one!
11 qst650504_msg0011 84 Well, all right, but is it even possible to beat...?
12 qst650504_msg0012 84 Abso-doodly-lutely!
13 qst650504_msg0013 84 You see, Nopon Archsage has prepared special anti-toxin swamp combat gear for friends.
14 qst650504_msg0014 84 Oh, nice one! Does it work something like a salvage suit?
15 qst650504_msg0015 84 Well, not quite. Salvage suit very constricting, cannot move freely, so not well suited for battle.
16 qst650504_msg0016 84 Yeah, you're probably right.
17 qst650504_msg0017 84 Therefore, outfits that Nopon Archsage prepare not only mitigate poison, but also afford complete freedom of move!
18 qst650504_msg0018 84 And you'll just let us have them?!
19 qst650504_msg0019 84 I would love nothing more! However, that got kiboshed by Orderly, who say best to trade for Flawless Noponstone...
20 qst650504_msg0020 84 Oh, I see... Trading it is, then...
21 qst650504_msg0021 84 But though however! Nopon Archsage really want friends to get them! Definitely for sure!
22 qst650504_msg0022 84 All right, we'll do our best.
23 qst650504_msg0023 84 But though however... Nopon Archsage ask friends please to not get too angry.
24 qst650504_msg0024 84 Huh? Why would we get angry?
25 qst650504_msg0025 84 I mention anti-poison properties before, but material with that property actually terribly expensive in current market...
26 qst650504_msg0026 84 Nopon Archsage is of course big player, but even using all influence, could only lay wings on bits and scraps.
27 qst650504_msg0027 84 When make clothes for all friends... surface area per person turn out... somewhat small.
28 qst650504_msg0028 84 Small...? How small are we talking?
29 qst650504_msg0029 84 About worth of swimsuit.
30 qst650504_msg0030 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Swimsuit?!
31 qst650504_msg0031 84 Indeed. Swimsuit.
32 qst650504_msg0032 84 So Pyra, Nia, and all the other guys would be wearing...swimsuits...?
33 qst650504_msg0033 84 Rex's interest is piqued?
34 qst650504_msg0034 84 Well, I mean, uh, maybe, I guess, but...
35 qst650504_msg0035 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]No, what am I saying?! They'll strangle me if they find out!
36 qst650504_msg0036 84 Please to calm Rex's self. Surely will be fine.
37 qst650504_msg0037 84 Saying word "swimsuit" is just slip of tongue of Archsage... Correct term is "special anti-toxin swamp combat gear"!
38 qst650504_msg0038 84 If not wear, then take poison damage. Is quite fearsome damage, as well.
39 qst650504_msg0039 84 Friends would die in ten seconds, tops.
40 qst650504_msg0040 84 I'm still not sure everyone will be on board with this...
41 qst650504_msg0041 84 It only way to clear challenge. There no way around.
42 qst650504_msg0042 84 ...Right, fine.
43 qst650504_msg0043 84 We'll do our best to collect Flawless Noponstone so we can get the special anti-toxin swamp combat gear...
44 qst650504_msg0044 84 ...Then I'll do my best to convince everyone to actually put on the special anti-toxin swamp combat gear...
45 qst650504_msg0045 84 ...And then we'll do our best to take out that Cloud Sea Befouler Ioth!
46 qst650504_msg0046 84 That is all that Nopon Archsage ask for!
47 qst650504_msg0047 84 Knowing Rex, is just matter of time before challenge crumple like wet tissue during allergy season!
48 qst650504_msg0048 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]For sake of Rex, probably best to not mention that determined combatant can clear challenge even without gear...
49 qst650504_msg0049 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]...Did he just say something?