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1 qst650502_msg0001 84 Gah-!
2 qst650502_msg0002 84 What is this place?!
3 qst650502_msg0003 84 Are... Are you OK?!
4 qst650502_msg0004 84 You're...not Prone...?
5 qst650502_msg0005 84 Uh, yeah, about that... What is that word you're using, "Prone"? You're saying it like it's a race, or something...?
6 qst650502_msg0006 84 I know Gormotti, Ardainians, Tantalese and so forth, but I've never heard of a "Prone"...
7 qst650502_msg0007 84 Nor do I, I'm afraid. I do not recall ever hearing of them.
8 qst650502_msg0008 84 But until just a moment ago, you looked just like Prone... Just like my mortal enemies...
9 qst650502_msg0009 84 I thought this was a battle simulation. You're telling me it's all real? Was this that trader's plan all along...?
10 qst650502_msg0010 84 Friend very perceptive!
11 qst650502_msg0011 84 Whoa! Where'd he come from?!
12 qst650502_msg0012 84 Friend sound startled like 10-ton gorilla with fancy name appear from nowhere and start playing electric guitar.
13 qst650502_msg0013 84 Mr. Archsage, respectfully... So it was you that arranged this?
14 qst650502_msg0014 84 Indeedy-doodle! Nopon Archsage capable of do almost anything in pursuit of entertainment!
15 qst650502_msg0015 84 That's a weird thing to boast about...
16 qst650502_msg0016 84 I did wonder why a run-of-the-mill trader was calling himself the "Nopon Archsage"...
17 qst650502_msg0017 84 And anyway, what kind of strange tech did you put in that battle simulator?
18 qst650502_msg0018 84 Oh, nothing much... Just little trick for spirit away consciousness of Elma to this here Land of Challenge.
19 qst650502_msg0019 84 So my real self is still in New LA, inside the simulator?
20 qst650502_msg0020 84 Very much yes. I glad we sort this out so quickly.
21 qst650502_msg0021 84 You said it's my consciousness, but it feels like my whole essence is here... What's your end-goal...?
22 qst650502_msg0022 84 Very good question! Answer is simple - to realize ambition of Nopon Archsage and make lifelong dream come true!
23 qst650502_msg0023 84 Dream? What dream?
24 qst650502_msg0024 84 Could it make Elma, and me, and you, Rex, meet face-to-face?
25 qst650502_msg0025 84 It is as Shulk say! Is dream of everyone to see Shulk and Elma in one place together!
26 qst650502_msg0026 84 Who the heck is the "everyone" in that sentence...?
27 qst650502_msg0027 84 I can't believe this. All the machinations, just for this...?
28 qst650502_msg0028 84 ...No. I forget myself. First, I should apologize to all of you.
29 qst650502_msg0029 84 I mistook you for enemies and attacked without provocation. The fault lies with me entirely. I hope you can forgive it.
30 qst650502_msg0030 84 Relax, there's nothing to overlook! It was all just a big misunderstanding.
31 qst650502_msg0031 84 My name's Rex. What's yours?
32 qst650502_msg0032 84 I'm Elma... A member of BLADE, a private military outfit based in NLA, the human colony on the planet Mira.
33 qst650502_msg0033 84 Uhh... So what you're saying is, you're...a Blade?
34 qst650502_msg0034 84 Oh, um, yes... You know about BLADEs?
35 qst650502_msg0035 84 Know about them? Dear madam, we are Blades! Blades, and Drivers, that is.
36 qst650502_msg0036 84 Wait, wait. What does driving have to do with it...?
37 qst650502_msg0037 84 But only Poppi is artificial Blade! Please to remember!
38 qst650502_msg0038 84 N-no, hold on, I'm getting confused...
39 qst650502_msg0039 84 It appears to me that the word "Blade" may have different meanings in Rex's and Elma's worlds...
40 qst650502_msg0040 84 But that exactly why it so delightful!
41 qst650502_msg0041 84 Right, let's get things straight then. In my world, "BLADE" indicates the organization.
42 qst650502_msg0042 84 And in yours, it's a...species? Race? Is that correct?
43 qst650502_msg0043 84 You're not a million Titanpeds off, but you're not quite on the money...
44 qst650502_msg0044 84 When a person touches a Core Crystal, the life form that is born in that instant, that is a Blade.
45 qst650502_msg0045 84 A life form born from a crystal, then...? And they come in all different shapes?
46 qst650502_msg0046 84 Hey, Elma... I've noticed you're not surprised at Gramps and Dromarch speaking.
47 qst650502_msg0047 84 Right, well... Maybe I'm just used to it. Many different races call Mira home...
48 qst650502_msg0048 84 Weirder still, we can all communicate freely. Some ascribe it to conscious interference by some unknown party...
49 qst650502_msg0049 84 Your planet, Mira... It's the first time I'm hearing about it. Your world certainly seems different from ours.
50 qst650502_msg0050 84 The Bionis and Alrest were relatively similar in comparison.
51 qst650502_msg0051 84 Definitely! At first I just thought you guys came from some humanoid Titan that I'd never heard of.
52 qst650502_msg0052 84 Hold on. There's something I want to check.
53 qst650502_msg0053 84 Wh-what is problem...? Why friend Elma looking at Tora like Tora eat Elma's breakfast...?
54 qst650502_msg0054 84 Don't you dare say that like it's not something you'd ever do, Tora.
55 qst650502_msg0055 84 But Tora just meet Elma! When Tora have time to go to other world and eat someone's breakfast?!
56 qst650502_msg0056 84 The speech pattern definitely matches... You said your name was Tora? Are you friends with a Nopon called Tatsu...?
57 qst650502_msg0057 84 Meh-meh-meh-meh?!
58 qst650502_msg0058 84 That absurd! Tora not have any friends called Tatsu!
59 qst650502_msg0059 84 Hm... Fine, then. It seems I've got the wrong Nopon.
60 qst650502_msg0060 84 The Tora I know was smaller, anyway. And a far sweeter child...
61 qst650502_msg0061 84 Memeh... Tora cop to being larger than most Nopon his age, but never thought sweetness would be put to question...
62 qst650502_msg0062 84 Easy there, Tora... I know it's a sore subject, but we really need to hurry this conversation along, all right?
63 qst650502_msg0063 84 You pronounce it "No-pon"? Over here, we say it with a short vowel... Are the creatures themselves similar?
64 qst650502_msg0064 84 The appearance and mannerisms are the same. I can't really see any major differences on the whole...
65 qst650502_msg0065 84 Well. It might support the hypothesis that my world is different somehow... And it might be a little late to say, but...
66 qst650502_msg0066 84 Rex, and you, Shulk... I'm ready to accept that you and yours are not simply virtual simulator entities.
67 qst650502_msg0067 84 Well, that's a relief! And it's just a step away from being friends.
68 qst650502_msg0068 84 Pyra's right! After all, it didn't take us long to ally with Pyra and her friends, either.
69 qst650502_msg0069 84 Yes, I certainly get that impression...
70 qst650502_msg0070 84 Meh meh! This exactly the scene that Archsage write so many stories about and post to Argentum notice board!
71 qst650502_msg0071 84 For an Archsage, he's sure got some kiddy-like dreams, eh?
72 qst650502_msg0072 84 You could say that again...
73 qst650502_msg0073 84 You not make fun of dreams of Archsage!
74 qst650502_msg0074 84 Dream of Archsage is chance for friends! Great chance to earn much experience and get awesome loot!
75 qst650502_msg0075 84 That is an enticing proposition... but I do have my duties as a BLADE colonel to perform.
76 qst650502_msg0076 84 I can't afford to spend hours on end stuck in a simulator.
77 qst650502_msg0077 84 That is problem that is barely problem! Nopon Archsage have already tweak relative timestream flow rate setting.
78 qst650502_msg0078 84 For one day that pass in this realm, time elapsed on Mira is precisely 270 milliseconds.
79 qst650502_msg0079 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]"Milliseconds"...? Did he just make up a unit there?
80 qst650502_msg0080 84 In other words, I could spend an entire year here, and only lose ten seconds on the other side?
81 qst650502_msg0081 84 Just so! Perfect for training self! Also, Archsage deeply impressed by arithmetic skills. No need to train those.
82 qst650502_msg0082 84 Yes, I can appreciate the usefulness. And, er... Thank you?
83 qst650502_msg0083 84 So, what Rex think? Want to borrow strength of Elma, just like did with Shulk and Fiora?
84 qst650502_msg0084 84 Make Elma your ally
85 qst650502_msg0085 84 Leave Elma be
86 qst650502_msg0101 84 Of course! You can never have too many friends!
87 qst650502_msg0102 84 ...Then it's decided. From now on, I'll be at your command.
88 qst650502_msg0103 84 Looking forward to it, Team Rex.
89 qst650502_msg0201 84 Uhm, well... It sounds great in theory, but we don't really know Elma that well yet...
90 qst650502_msg0202 84 I think mutual understanding comes with time. Fighting side by side is the best way to get to know someone.
91 qst650502_msg0203 84 I... I guess so?
92 qst650502_msg0204 84 ...Then it's decided. From now on, I'll be at your command. Looking forward to it, Team Leader Rex.
93 qst650502_msg0205 84 And you, too...teammates.
94 qst650502_msg0206 84 What will you do?