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1 qst650441_msg0001 84 Ahh, there are friends! Me search high and low and all places in between for you!
2 qst650441_msg0002 84 Please to make acquaintance of Hurryscurry, top-rated courier service in some places in Alrest!
3 qst650441_msg0003 84 Hurryscurry come bearing special delivery from village of Fonsett, sender name of Corinne.
4 qst650441_msg0004 84 Friends curious about contents of package?
5 qst650441_msg0005 84 Hurryscurry know exactly what is inside!
6 qst650441_msg0006 84 "Kirk fished this pretty-looking stone up from the Cloud Sea. We thought you might like it."
7 qst650441_msg0007 84 That what letter reads!
8 qst650441_msg0008 84 Incidentally, is probably worth to mention "pretty-looking stone" actually refer to Core Crystal.
9 qst650441_msg0009 84 ...Meh-meh?!
10 qst650441_msg0010 84 Hurryscurry did nothing wrong! Why friends look at me like commit conduct unbecoming of deliverypon?!
11 qst650441_msg0011 84 All right, Hurryscurry spill beans. Me thought if delivery was food on verge of spoilage, would have to gobble up...
12 qst650441_msg0012 84 But friends are to blame here! Would not have happened if not wandering from place to place whole time!
13 qst650441_msg0013 84 A-anyway... Friends should be taking Core Crystal.
14 qst650441_msg0014 84 OK, that take care of that...
15 qst650441_msg0015 84 Be sure to rate Hurryscurry least four and half stars!