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1 qst650412_msg0001 84 Oh dear. That child seems troubled...
2 qst650412_msg0002 84 We should see what the matter is.
3 qst650412_msg0003 84 Hey there, little one. What's the matter?
4 qst650412_msg0004 84 My mum and dad went out somewhere and they've been gone a long time...
5 qst650412_msg0005 84 And now you're hungry and upset?
6 qst650412_msg0006 84 How did you know...?
7 qst650412_msg0007 84 Oh, you know...I'm just kind like that!
8 qst650412_msg0008 84 If you've got some ingredients at home, we can try and make you something! How about it?
9 qst650412_msg0009 84 Really?!
10 qst650412_msg0010 84 Of course!
11 qst650412_msg0011 84 Just you watch, Pyra! I'll make him a meal he won't soon forget!
12 qst650412_msg0012 84 O-OK... Give it your best, Crossette!
13 qst650412_msg0013 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]It buuuuuuuuuuuuurns!!!
14 qst650412_msg0201 84 A most unfortunate outcome, Crossette.
15 qst650412_msg0202 84 It looks like I'm not quite on Pyra's level just yet...
16 qst650412_msg0203 84 I must've put too much fire into the dish and it got a bit...explosive...
17 qst650412_msg0204 84 I personally thought it was quite all right...
18 qst650412_msg0205 84 A child's taste buds are more sensitive, though. You do have to take that into account.
19 qst650412_msg0206 84 I guess I should have...
20 qst650412_msg0207 84 Well, no matter. Next time will be a success, I know it!
21 qst650412_msg0208 84 I believe in you, Crossette.
22 qst650412_msg0209 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Thanks, that means so much to me! I'll make you proud, Pyra!