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1 qst650406_msg0001 84 Rex! Thanks, Rex! And thanks, Rex's girl Blade friends!
2 qst650406_msg0002 84 You're welcome!
3 qst650406_msg0003 84 I'm glad everyone's all right.
4 qst650406_msg0004 84 Yep!
5 qst650406_msg0005 84 For a second there I thought we were all gonna be Igna lunch...
6 qst650406_msg0006 84 But when I saw this lady rushing to save us on the Isle of Urchon, I realized we had to keep fighting!
7 qst650406_msg0007 84 Aww, that's so nice...
8 qst650406_msg0008 84 So something good even came out of the part we thought was an unmitigated disaster, eh?
9 qst650406_msg0009 84 Indeed... It gave the lad the hope he needed.
10 qst650406_msg0010 84 All right, let's get moving now. We have to get the kids home.
11 qst650406_msg0011 84 You're right. Onwards, to Fonsett!
12 qst650406_msg0012 84 Yes, sir!