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1 qst650403_msg0001 84 Heads up. Ignas, at twelve o'clock.
2 qst650403_msg0002 84 Look like Nascion and others are with them also.
3 qst650403_msg0003 84 They don't look like any tribe I've ever seen...
4 qst650403_msg0004 84 Could they have banded together to organize their actions...?
5 qst650403_msg0005 84 Poppi also see Blade silhouette.
6 qst650403_msg0006 84 They've got Blades now?!
7 qst650403_msg0007 84 If an Igna with potential touches a Core Crystal, a Blade will be awakened. It's not unheard of.
8 qst650403_msg0008 84 What it is, though, is a bloody nuisance.
9 qst650403_msg0009 84 Nascion and the others are in major danger...
10 qst650403_msg0010 84 We...we have to do something...!
11 qst650403_msg0011 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Let those children go, you jerkfaces!!!
12 qst650403_msg0012 84 Crossette, wait!
13 qst650403_msg0013 84 That Igna surprisingly good at giving direction... Tone was firm, yet commanding...
14 qst650403_msg0014 84 We should be giving them a beating, not an ego boost!
15 qst650403_msg0015 84 C'mon, let's back Crossette up!
16 qst650403_msg0016 84 Sorry, guys... It looks like I spooked them...
17 qst650403_msg0017 84 Don't worry about that now, Crossette. It's time to kick some lizard tail.
18 qst650403_msg0018 84 Indeed. There will be time enough for introspection later.