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1 qst650331_msg0001 84 Finally!
2 qst650331_msg0002 84 Friends know how hard it is to track down world-traveling adventurers?
3 qst650331_msg0003 84 Sorinosori is seasoned veteran courier, but find friends take every ounce of resolve and determination.
4 qst650331_msg0004 84 Eventually, Sorinosori decide to wait for adventurers to come to Sorinosori.
5 qst650331_msg0005 84 It unconventional delivery technique but seems to be pay off. Oh! Package. This is for friends from Fonsett Village.
6 qst650331_msg0006 84 Is from Corinne, but she got from kid named Kazuna.
7 qst650331_msg0007 84 Kazuna got from kid named Mark.
8 qst650331_msg0008 84 Mark got from mayor.
9 qst650331_msg0009 84 ...Anyway, it very valuable Core Crystal, so everybody say to Sorinosori "Please to not drop or break".
10 qst650331_msg0010 84 Villagers find it in dusty box in attic, and decide must entrust to people who use it in good way.
11 qst650331_msg0011 84 That why they give to Sorinosori. Sorinosori just have trustworthy face, me guess.
12 qst650331_msg0012 84 And now Sorinosori entrust to you.
13 qst650331_msg0013 84 It very valuable, hence innovative new courier style of Sorinosori involving no movement and no risk of lose or break.
14 qst650331_msg0014 84 Sorinosori is genius, no?
15 qst650331_msg0015 84 Such out-of-box thinking is proof that Sorinosori leveled up as courier.
16 qst650331_msg0016 84 Maybe brother Hurryscurry interested in learnings of Sorinosori...
17 qst650331_msg0017 84 Please not to forget rate at least four and half stars!