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1 qst650314_msg0001 84 Tell us all your problems. We're here to help!
2 qst650314_msg0002 84 Well met, Special Inquisitor and companions.
3 qst650314_msg0003 84 You are familiar with the Chansagh Wastes?
4 qst650314_msg0004 84 Naturally.
5 qst650314_msg0005 84 Some aggressive monsters have settled down there in recent months. Our men are struggling to keep them in check.
6 qst650314_msg0006 84 Sounds rough.
7 qst650314_msg0007 84 You want us to pay them a visit and sort things out?
8 qst650314_msg0008 84 Well no, that was never our intention...
9 qst650314_msg0009 84 But if you're offering, we wouldn't say no to your support.
10 qst650314_msg0010 84 Right on!
11 qst650314_msg0011 84 Corvin... A word.
12 qst650314_msg0012 84 Sorry Mòrag, I know I'm overstepping. But we can't just let this rest, can we?
13 qst650314_msg0013 84 I suppose. And yet...
14 qst650314_msg0014 84 The wastes are an unhospitable place. Only the most seasoned of Drivers are fit to set foot there...
15 qst650314_msg0015 84 Very well. We will be glad to assist you.
16 qst650314_msg0016 84 Really? That's wonderful news!
17 qst650314_msg0017 84 Then as sergeant of the 8th Decade, I would enlist your help to dispatch Organl Griffox in the Chansagh Wastes.
18 qst650314_msg0018 84 第5十人隊隊長として ×××の○○○の討伐をお願いします
19 qst650314_msg0019 84 Sergeant of the 1st Decade here. Humbly requesting that you subjugate Berserker Mammut too, Ma'am!
20 qst650314_msg0020 84 Urgh...
21 qst650314_msg0021 84 C'mon, keep 'em comin'!
22 qst650314_msg0022 84 All right then... On behalf of the 7th Decade, I would entreat you to defeat the Tempest Pterix!
23 qst650314_msg0023 84 The Sarabashi Ropl are proving a handful as well. The 3rd Decade would appreciate it if you could control them!
24 qst650314_msg0024 84 Add the Growsa Aspar to your list too. 9th Decade orders.
25 qst650314_msg0025 84 What about the 5th Decade's gathering mission?
26 qst650314_msg0026 84 Ah, that's right, we still haven't got round to that...
27 qst650314_msg0027 84 Think you could pick up some Nitrotoluite while you're out on your hunt?
28 qst650314_msg0028 84 If you're getting those, might as well assist the 2nd Decade with the Sand Salmon collection. If it's no trouble!
29 qst650314_msg0029 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]I fear my country lacks a sense of discretion...
30 qst650314_msg0030 84 So the 4th and 6th Decades are the only ones capable of doing their jobs, huh...?
31 qst650314_msg0031 84 ...Marvelous.
32 qst650314_msg0032 84 Erm...we haven't overburdened you, have we?
33 qst650314_msg0033 84 Not at all! We'll have it all done in a flash.
34 qst650314_msg0034 84 Oh, that would be grand!
35 qst650314_msg0035 84 You have some exceptional Blades, Special Inquisitor. Of course, it's to be expected for someone of your station.
36 qst650314_msg0036 84 Exceptional? Yes, he's exceptional all right...