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1 qst650313_msg0001 84 Something on your mind, madam? Well, worry no more! Corvin is at your service!
2 qst650313_msg0002 84 Anything we can help you fine ladies with?
3 qst650313_msg0003 84 Goodness! Far be it from me to pass up the opportunity to talk to a fine, strapping young lad!
4 qst650313_msg0004 84 Oh! You flatter me!
5 qst650313_msg0005 84 Actually, I think she was talking about me there...
6 qst650313_msg0006 84 You lie!
7 qst650313_msg0007 84 Oh, please, don't take offense! You're both very handsome young men! Regal as His Majesty!
8 qst650313_msg0008 84 All right, I forgive you.
9 qst650313_msg0009 84 Anyhow, you seemed deep in thought, madam. Is there any way we could help you?
10 qst650313_msg0010 84 Oh, that's right. Perhaps there is, perhaps there is!
11 qst650313_msg0011 84 It's the monsters, you see. They're becoming a dreadful nuisance of late.
12 qst650313_msg0012 84 I fear it's only a matter time before some poor soul is attacked when they're out foraging for supplies...
13 qst650313_msg0013 84 Well, if it's monster slaying you're after, look no further!
14 qst650313_msg0014 84 You're a real show stealer, aren't you Corvy, old chum?
15 qst650313_msg0015 84 Just be wary of the old dame. I'm not sure you know what you've let yourself in for...
16 qst650313_msg0016 84 Haha, well...let's cross that bridge when we come to it, all right?
17 qst650313_msg0017 84 Oh, it's so sweet of you to help, boys...
18 qst650313_msg0018 84 I wonder if you could help get rid of some Grad Gogol around the Genbu Drifts area...
19 qst650313_msg0019 84 Getting rid of some Vint Griffox would be lovely too, while you're at it.
20 qst650313_msg0020 84 They could handle that Bland Upa situation as well, couldn't they?
21 qst650313_msg0021 84 And don't forget the Arno Kapiba! They're getting very out of hand!
22 qst650313_msg0022 84 Um...can I ask something as well?
23 qst650313_msg0023 84 Fire away, little buddy!
24 qst650313_msg0024 84 OK... Could you finish off some Klim Anlood for us, please?
25 qst650313_msg0025 84 Broom Icicles! We need some fresh Broom Icicles!
26 qst650313_msg0026 84 I'd love it if you could bring back some Emerald Snow... Oh, would you?
27 qst650313_msg0027 84 Haha, totally! Your wishes are my command!
28 qst650313_msg0028 84 That's very kind of you, dear.
29 qst650313_msg0029 84 I hope you know your own limits, though. I wouldn't want you to get yourself hurt.
30 qst650313_msg0030 84 Thanks for the warning, Zekey-boy. They really dished 'em out!
31 qst650313_msg0031 84 Told you so!
32 qst650313_msg0032 84 Still, it's not like I could turn any of their requests down. Not when it's stuff we do so well!