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1 qst650201_msg0001 84 Dadapon! Tora is here!
2 qst650201_msg0002 84 Dadapon said he got letter for Tora?
3 qst650201_msg0003 84 That right!
4 qst650201_msg0004 84 Very strange letter, meh... No name of sender!
5 qst650201_msg0005 84 Shady-shady...
6 qst650201_msg0006 84 Letter inside even more shady! Look.
7 qst650201_msg0007 84 Hmm...
8 qst650201_msg0008 84 "Dear...Tora..."
9 qst650201_msg0009 84 Handwriting so terrible that Tora lost interest in reading.
10 qst650201_msg0010 84 Whoever wrote this definitely few Nopon doubloons short of hoard. But Tatazo advise read on.
11 qst650201_msg0011 84 OK, Dadapon.
12 qst650201_msg0012 84 "Dear Tora,"
13 qst650201_msg0013 84 "Gather of Blades..."
14 qst650201_msg0014 84 "and input...into Poopi." Tora guess that mean Poppi.
15 qst650201_msg0015 84 "Then go to...Bulge Harbor..." Tora think it say Bulge Harbor, anyway.
16 qst650201_msg0016 84 "In Mor Ardain."
17 qst650201_msg0017 84 Well, that's definitely mysterious.
18 qst650201_msg0018 84 Do you have any idea who it might be from, Tora?
19 qst650201_msg0019 84 No sender... Perhaps a friend?
20 qst650201_msg0020 84 Tora have no friends with such sloppy handwriting!
21 qst650201_msg0021 84 But must be someone Tora know. They know all about Tora and Poopi. Poppi.
22 qst650201_msg0022 84 Masterpon is interested in who it is?
23 qst650201_msg0023 84 Of course Tora interested!
24 qst650201_msg0024 84 Well then, why don't we just try doing what the letter says?
25 qst650201_msg0025 84 Really? Is that OK?
26 qst650201_msg0026 84 Of course, Tora!
27 qst650201_msg0027 84 I'm sure gathering this Blade data it mentions will be no trouble if we all pitch in!
28 qst650201_msg0028 84 I wouldn't make any promises until we hear what the extent of our task is.
29 qst650201_msg0029 84 *sigh* OK, Tora will endure more terrible handwriting to read details to friends.
30 qst650201_msg0030 84 "From plain Ether Cannon-using girl Blade, data on Beam Barrage Special."
31 qst650201_msg0031 84 "From plain Knuckle Claw-using boy Blade, data on Assault Rush Special."
32 qst650201_msg0032 84 "From plain Twin Rings-using doggy Blade, data on Dual Fang Special."
33 qst650201_msg0033 84 "From plain Greataxe-using boy Blade, data on Axe Throw Special."
34 qst650201_msg0034 84 "From plain Shield Hammer-using girl Blade, data on Aerial Shield Special."
35 qst650201_msg0035 84 "From plain Bitball-using girl Blade, data on Flash Bomb Special."
36 qst650201_msg0036 84 "From plain Megalance-using giant Blade, data on Beam Halberd Special."
37 qst650201_msg0037 84 "From plain Chroma Katana-using boy Blade, data on Multi-Raid Special."
38 qst650201_msg0038 84 It say we need all those 8 pieces of data.
39 qst650201_msg0039 84 Phew, tall order.
40 qst650201_msg0040 84 But Rex-Rex promised!
41 qst650201_msg0041 84 *groan*
42 qst650201_msg0042 84 No, it's fine. We'll do it! Piece of cake!
43 qst650201_msg0043 84 Yay! Rex-Rex is hero among men-men!
44 qst650201_msg0044 84 Don't worry, Rex.
45 qst650201_msg0045 84 The rest of us shall lend our assistance.
46 qst650201_msg0046 84 Mòrag is also hero among men-men! With friends helping, task should be easy-peasy lemon squeezy.
47 qst650201_msg0047 84 ...among whom?
48 qst650201_msg0048 84 Uh, right then, shall we get gatherin'?
49 qst650201_msg0049 84 When we're done we have to head to Bulge Harbor, right?
50 qst650201_msg0050 84 That what letter say. Task is many so Tora divvy them up into smaller bunches. We do in order!
51 qst650201_msg0051 84 OK Dadapon, we get going.
52 qst650201_msg0052 84 Don't know what kind of strange Nopon wait at end of quest, so must be careful.
53 qst650201_msg0101 84 "Dear Tora,"
54 qst650201_msg0102 84 "Gather following data of Blades and input into Poopi..."
55 qst650201_msg0103 84 "and input into Poopi."
56 qst650201_msg0104 84 "Then go to Bulge Harbor in Mor Ardain."