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1 qst650106_msg0001 84 Looks like the information you got out of that goon was right on the money.
2 qst650106_msg0002 84 What's our move, chaps?
3 qst650106_msg0003 84 Well, we've established that we're the targets. I'd say this is our problem to deal with.
4 qst650106_msg0004 84 We shouldn't just rush in...
5 qst650106_msg0005 84 Nonsense. They are enemies. Our directive is clear.
6 qst650106_msg0006 84 T-elos?
7 qst650106_msg0007 84 That girl!
8 qst650106_msg0008 84 Looks like you're not finished yet.
9 qst650106_msg0009 84 Did you really think you were going to be able to take down the Aegis and her companions?
10 qst650106_msg0010 84 Who are you?
11 qst650106_msg0011 84 We've been preempted!
12 qst650106_msg0012 84 Not so. This just saves us the effort of chasing the Aegis down.
13 qst650106_msg0013 84 These fools are nothing but moths eager for the flame.
14 qst650106_msg0014 84 Soon enough, the other survivors of Indol will be arriving here.
15 qst650106_msg0015 84 If we can hold out until then, the hour of our vengeance will soon be at hand!
16 qst650106_msg0016 84 Heh. Risible.
17 qst650106_msg0017 84 I suppose all you worms think the same.
18 qst650106_msg0018 84 You think your threats are anything more than the chitter of vermin?
19 qst650106_msg0019 84 You're only one Blade! Don't underestimate our power!
20 qst650106_msg0020 84 Get her!
21 qst650106_msg0021 84 Don't get in my way. I plan on enjoying this.