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1 qst640505_msg0001 84 THAT's it...?
2 qst640505_msg0002 84 Indeed. That is what those codes - no, you - unlocked.
3 qst640505_msg0003 84 How could I have done something like this? I was only after treasure or something awesome!
4 qst640505_msg0004 84 I did warn you.
5 qst640505_msg0005 84 This is perhaps the strongest foe in the World Tree. Roaming free, now.
6 qst640505_msg0006 84 Hahaha! Warnings were never going to beat my curiosity.
7 qst640505_msg0007 84 I'm so sorry, Driver!
8 qst640505_msg0008 84 But... You can't deny that awakening that crazy thing is...kind of interesting. Right?