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1 qst640406_msg0001 84 What are you doing here?
2 qst640406_msg0002 84 Ah, right. Renate sent you as reinforcements, eh? That's my girl!
3 qst640406_msg0003 84 You couldn't have come at a better time, either.
4 qst640406_msg0004 84 You probably know by now that this plant is in need of some tender loving care.
5 qst640406_msg0005 84 Amir's dispatched me to deal with the repairs on the second floor, but...
6 qst640406_msg0006 84 Some swarming insects have made a nest right in front of the critical malfunctioning part.
7 qst640406_msg0007 84 If you could just take care of those, I should be able to get in and work my magic...
8 qst640406_msg0008 84 Man, you're nice to have around... Though I shouldn't expect any less from Drivers chosen by my girl!
9 qst640406_msg0009 84 Right, so! Defeat those buzzing bastards and wreck their nest, and then we'll be golden.
10 qst640406_msg0010 84 Countin' on ya!
11 qst640406_msg0101 84 Defeat those buzzing bastards and wreck their nest for me, please.
12 qst640406_msg0102 84 That way I'll be able to get to the part that's broken and work my magic.
13 qst640406_msg0201 84 Well, the insects certainly seem gone.
14 qst640406_msg0202 84 Thank you for that. Now I can finally get to work.
15 qst640406_msg0203 84 Renate... Just wait a tiny bit longer, baby. I'll be home soon!
16 qst640406_msg0204 84 Papa's gettin' to work, and when Papa gets to work, the work gets DONE!