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1 qst640405_msg0001 84 Tekuteku not OK in slightest!
2 qst640405_msg0002 84 Me not know who friends are, but would appreciate murderating Glaring Aspar on double!
3 qst640405_msg0101 84 Ahhhh, Driver passers-by, Tekuteku thanks you!
4 qst640405_msg0102 84 Oh? Not just passing? Sent by Ohlala and friends?! Littlepon worried?!?!
5 qst640405_msg0103 84 Littlepon never listen to single word dadapon say, but secretly still worry...
6 qst640405_msg0104 84 Tekuteku not deserve such wonderful daughterpon...
7 qst640405_msg0105 84 Repairs that Tekuteku was doing here in plant all done now, so Tekuteku head back home quick-quick.
8 qst640405_msg0106 84 Then together with daughterpon eat Sky-Jewel Tart that me buy as gift.
9 qst640405_msg0107 84 Feeling of loving family is hotter that any hot spring...
10 qst640405_msg0108 84 Tekuteku brim with gratitude!