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1 qst640404_msg0001 84 And you are...?
2 qst640404_msg0002 84 I see... So Felina and the others were worried...
3 qst640404_msg0003 84 In that case, maybe you'd like to give us a hand here, hm?
4 qst640404_msg0004 84 The plant's having some technical difficulties right now. The machinery's acting up...
5 qst640404_msg0005 84 That's why I sent Tekuteku and Alec to run repairs on the higher floors of the facility...
6 qst640404_msg0006 84 Meanwhile, Sarrac's supposed to be getting us the materials we need to patch everything up.
7 qst640404_msg0007 84 ...However, none of the three's come back yet.
8 qst640404_msg0008 84 Hope they've not run into trouble. Could you find them for me and help them with whatever they need...?
9 qst640404_msg0009 84 Thank you, friend.
10 qst640404_msg0010 84 ...Before you go, I should tell you this. Have you been to the second floor of the plant before?
11 qst640404_msg0011 84 You can get there by taking a gondola from the Smùide Plant back in town.
12 qst640404_msg0012 84 It's a security measure, I guess. Keeps undesirables out. Still, sorry 'bout the hassle...
13 qst640404_msg0013 84 I'm indebted to you, friends.
14 qst640404_msg0101 84 Thanks, friends. Thanks to you, the plant's running smooth again.
15 qst640404_msg0102 84 And we can all finally head home.
16 qst640404_msg0103 84 I must express gratitude to you, and to our daughters.
17 qst640404_msg0104 84 You might think I've got a lot of nerve, but I actually have one last request. Will you hear it?
18 qst640404_msg0105 84 I'd like you to let Felina and her friends know we're coming soon.
19 qst640404_msg0106 84 They've been worrying long enough. I want to take that burden off their shoulders as soon as I can...
20 qst640404_msg0107 84 Yet again, thank you.