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1 qst640102_msg0001 84 Hey-ho.
2 qst640102_msg0002 84 Friends have business with Seesaw?
3 _03 84 説明
4 qst640102_msg0003 84 Oh, that story? Is old, ah, "chestnut", yes.
5 qst640102_msg0004 84 Which is to say, Seesaw talk about needing special cylinder to salvage boosters from Cloud Sea, yes.
6 qst640102_msg0005 84 Never thought would see day when someone here in Uraya want to salvage that, though. Big surprise, yes.
7 qst640102_msg0006 84 Really, is cousinpon of Seesaw who live in Argentum who know all about this stuff, but Seesaw try to help.
8 qst640102_msg0007 84 If friends bring materials, me take good old college try at making.
9 qst640102_msg0008 84 First of all, need one Silver Cylinder for use as base.
10 qst640102_msg0009 84 Then, Zigzag Shaft. Can salvage up in Argentum if somewhat lucky!
11 qst640102_msg0010 84 Lastly but not leastly, salvageable item from Gormott, Locust Spring. ...No no, better make it two!
12 qst640102_msg0011 84 With those materials, Seesaw make Booster Cylinder, just like cousinpon taught!
13 _15 84 シリンダ作成時&以後ずっと配置
14 qst640102_msg0101 84 Friends bring Seesaw materials for make Booster Cylinder?
15 _17 84 交換ショップ
16 _19 84 作成したあと
17 qst640102_msg0102 84 There! Booster Cylinder is complete!
18 qst640102_msg0103 84 Should try using at Salvage Point on Lascham Island in Gormott.
19 qst640102_msg0104 84 Should come up with armloads of boosters, meh!
20 _23 84 感謝
21 qst640102_msg0105 84 Is nothing to mention, really.
22 qst640102_msg0106 84 If friends ever need more, can come by anytime.
23 qst640102_msg0107 84 With every cylinder Seesaw make, Seesaw get one step closer to equal cousinpon in art of cylindercraft!