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1 qst108701_msg0001 84 話題
2 qst640101_msg0001 84 Oh, absolutely. I've heard something a Driver would definitely find real interesting.
3 qst640101_msg0002 84 It's a rumor about a Titan ship, packed to the rafters with boosters, that sank on its way to Indol.
4 qst640101_msg0003 84 It was a long time ago, but I hear its final resting place is not too far from Gormott's Lascham Island.
5 qst640101_msg0004 84 Any salvager worth their salt should be able to get to the boosters without too much trouble, but...
6 qst640101_msg0005 84 You might not know that salvaging boosters requires special tools.
7 qst640101_msg0006 84 There's a Nopon in the backstreets of this here town who knows about these things. Goes by Seesaw.
8 _06 84 感謝
9 qst640101_msg0007 84 Ah, don't mention it. I don't have the aptitude to be a Driver, so I don't mind sharing that info with you.
10 qst640101_msg0008 84 If I was a Driver myself, well, that'd be a whole different story.