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1 qst630407_msg0001 84 It ain't much, but you got the gratitude of this old mercenary.
2 qst630407_msg0002 84 Hopefully Bonard's at rest now he's been avenged.
3 qst630407_msg0003 84 He's got a kid back home. Aurelia. Well, I say kid, but she's all grown up.
4 qst630407_msg0004 84 He kept sayin' his little girl was gettin' married soon. That he had to get home to her, no matter what.
5 qst630407_msg0005 84 Seems like the worst kind of irony. Here's a guy that's seen more than his share of battles and pulled through...
6 qst630407_msg0006 84 And this time round, when it mattered more than ever before, he's not gonna be comin' home.
7 qst630407_msg0007 84 ...About time for us to head back to Uraya, I guess.
8 qst630407_msg0008 84 This mission's over, but I still gotta take the news to Aurelia.
9 qst630407_msg0009 84 Don't mention anything if you run in to her. She deserves to hear it from me.
10 qst630407_msg0010 84 Thanks.