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1 qst630406_msg0001 84 *Huff* So strong... *Puff*
2 qst630406_msg0002 84 We never stood a chance...
3 qst630406_msg0003 84 Do what you want with us...
4 qst630406_msg0004 84 But you're a fool if you think you can make us talk!
5 qst630406_msg0005 84 Ah... I see...
6 qst630406_msg0006 84 So we're not fighting with the Ardainians, then...
7 qst630406_msg0007 84 Thanks for coming to get us out. Appreciate you doin' that for us.
8 qst630406_msg0008 84 But I got one more thing I gotta do before I head home.
9 qst630406_msg0009 84 Since you were followin' us, I guess you saw the grave a while back, huh?
10 qst630406_msg0010 84 So you did... Yeah, that was one of our guys.
11 qst630406_msg0011 84 Our squad leader, Bonard.
12 qst630406_msg0012 84 We merc types, we like to bury our dead where they fell. It's our way of sayin' goodbye, sendin' em off well.
13 qst630406_msg0013 84 But me? That ain't enough for me. I like to put a man's soul to rest by taking down the bastard that killed 'em.
14 qst630406_msg0014 84 So we chased after the dirty rats that killed Bonard, but...
15 qst630406_msg0015 84 It didn't turn out so well for us.
16 qst630406_msg0016 84 With four of us we still lost a man. So goin' against 'em with three was real bad.
17 qst630406_msg0017 84 So we decided to come back to camp to rest up, so to speak.
18 qst630406_msg0018 84 You're sayin' you guys will avenge Bonard for us?
19 qst630406_msg0019 84 I don't know what to say... Thank you.
20 qst630406_msg0020 84 Bonard's killer should be somewhere up ahead.
21 qst630406_msg0021 84 We'll wait back by his grave, pay some respects and all.
22 qst630406_msg0022 84 I'll be hoping for good news, but don't go dyin' yourself now.