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1 qst630401_msg0001 84 When will my father finally come home?
2 qst630401_msg0002 84 My apologies, but your father is off on a mission right now...
3 qst630401_msg0003 84 But the war's over! What sort of mission could he be on? Tell me the truth, now! Where is he?
4 qst630401_msg0004 84 I'm afraid that information is classified, and I am not at liberty to discuss it.
5 qst630401_msg0005 84 Ugh! Fine, forget you!
6 qst630401_msg0006 84 You're the Garfont Mercenaries, huh?
7 qst630401_msg0007 84 We hired some mercs ourselves recently, but they haven't made it back from the field yet...
8 qst630401_msg0008 84 There was a bit of trouble with Mor Ardain out in Temperantia, right?
9 qst630401_msg0009 84 Well, we sent four really tough guys on a surveillance mission. Just keeping an eye on the Ardainian army and that.
10 qst630401_msg0010 84 But then the war never came, and we found ourselves with a nice, easy armistice.
11 qst630401_msg0011 84 The order to withdraw was sent out, but they're still not back... Maybe it never reached them, I don't know.
12 qst630401_msg0012 84 If we send our troops to find them, the Ardainians might well get the wrong idea. The fighting might start up again.
13 qst630401_msg0013 84 So we're stuck. We can't send anyone out on a search mission, so we're left hoping they'll just turn up...
14 qst630401_msg0014 84 Which is where you lot come in.
15 qst630401_msg0015 84 We'd like to ask you to man a search mission. Find Bonard and his men and bring them back. What do you say?
16 qst630401_msg0016 84 You will? Thank you!
17 qst630401_msg0017 84 We know that Bonard's squad was over by the Aegishammer on the first day.
18 qst630401_msg0018 84 After that, though... We've had no contact, and they could be anywhere.
19 qst630401_msg0019 84 To start with, you could head to the Aegishammer, seeing what you uncover from there.
20 qst630401_msg0020 84 That girl from before is Bonard's daughter, by the way. Only child.
21 qst630401_msg0021 84 I sent her away, said it was classified... But she's just as worried as I am, if not more.
22 qst630401_msg0022 84 For her sake, I hope you come back with good news...