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1 qst630102_msg0001 84 Brought the stuff, did you?
2 qst630102_msg0002 84 Then I'll put that accessory together for you lickety-split!
3 qst630102_msg0003 84 Hmmm...
4 qst630102_msg0004 84 Now, let me think. What was it I was going to make again...?
5 qst630102_msg0005 84 Yeah, hmm... I feel like I sort of remember... But then again, I sort of don't...
6 qst630102_msg0006 84 Could you jog my memory a little?
7 qst630102_msg0007 84 What was Chulev trying to make?
8 qst630102_msg0008 84 The greatest accessory in all Alrest!
9 qst630102_msg0009 84 You were a bit hazy on the details.
10 qst630102_msg0101 84 The greatest all of Alrest, you say?!
11 qst630102_msg0102 84 Well, I'll be... Was I really trying to create a thing like that?
12 qst630102_msg0103 84 That does sound like something I might come up with... But no, I'm sure I'd remember if I had an idea like that.
13 qst630102_msg0104 84 I think I know what's going on here. You just said the first thing that came into your heads, didn't you?
14 qst630102_msg0201 84 So you don't remember either, eh? Well, at least you're honest.
15 qst630102_msg0202 84 What's that? I never actually told you?
16 qst630102_msg0203 84 Well, isn't this a fine pickle? These fine materials aren't much use if I don't know what to make with them!
17 qst630102_msg0301 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]W-wait a minute!
18 qst630102_msg0302 84 [ML:Feeling ]I just had the perfect idea!
19 qst630102_msg0303 84 I'll let you decide what kind of accessory you want me to make from the materials you've got!
20 qst630102_msg0304 84 Yes, that's a fine idea. I just like making things, it doesn't really matter what. So I'm open to requests!
21 qst630102_msg0305 84 Yes, that's the ticket. Just come see me whenever you like.
22 qst630102_msg0306 84 As long as you've got the materials, I'll make whatever you fancy!
23 qst630102_msg0307 84 Now, the materials I need are a Jungle Frame, a Pione Stone, and a Volff Fang.
24 qst630102_msg0308 84 Jungle Frames are mostly found in Gormott, I hear. You find them when salvaging from time to time.
25 qst630102_msg0309 84 And you shouldn't have any trouble finding Pione Stones if you check the rocky corners of Uraya.
26 qst630102_msg0310 84 As for the Volff Fang, you can get one by defeating Rip Volff around Drillbore Bridge.
27 qst630102_msg0311 84 I'll wait here for as long as it takes you. Well, or till I die. Nobody lives forever!