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1 qst620503_msg0001 84 Father! What is this? Your response to this disaster was completely inadequate!
2 qst620503_msg0002 84 I am aware. I have read the reports.
3 qst620503_msg0003 84 I have allowed matters to get out of hand, it seems. 'Tis a situation of much inconvenience...
4 qst620503_msg0004 84 What on Alrest has made them want to rebel, though?
5 qst620503_msg0005 84 There were some who learned the secret. That we, the Tantalese, are not in fact descended from Addam.
6 qst620503_msg0006 84 Many of them...could not accept this as truth. They raged against it.
7 qst620503_msg0007 84 That... That makes sense.
8 qst620503_msg0008 84 Their goal seemed to be to seize the records from the founding of Tantal 500 years ago.
9 qst620503_msg0009 84 Ah, I see.
10 qst620503_msg0010 84 If they were burned, and all record of the truth destroyed, we could reclaim our position as descendants of Addam.
11 qst620503_msg0011 84 And then we would not have to live in shame. That, perhaps, was what the rebels thought.
12 qst620503_msg0012 84 But a timely intervention from yourself and the Driver of the Aegis quashed the rebellion before matters went too far.
13 qst620503_msg0013 84 As much as I'd like to, we can't take all the credit for this.
14 qst620503_msg0014 84 We only managed to get wind of the problems here because of Finch, one of the Blades that's traveling with us.
15 qst620503_msg0015 84 Oi! Finch! They're talking about you. Get over here, would you?
16 _15 84 呼びかけに気付くと イブキ走って王様の前に移動
17 qst620503_msg0016 84 So you are Finch.
18 qst620503_msg0017 84 You have my gratitude.
19 qst620503_msg0018 84 OH! Oh oh oh!
20 qst620503_msg0019 84 It came back!
21 qst620503_msg0020 84 What did?
22 qst620503_msg0021 84 You lost something?
23 qst620503_msg0022 84 No, no! What I heard at the inn! It's all come back to me now.
24 qst620503_msg0023 84 I thought it was about the uprising at the palace?
25 qst620503_msg0024 84 Nah!
26 qst620503_msg0025 84 What was it, now...? Ah, that's it!
27 qst620503_msg0026 84 Someone said the King sneaks round the shops early in the morning to get Addam's Embercakes for breakfast!
28 qst620503_msg0027 84 P-preposterous!
29 qst620503_msg0028 84 How very dare they! I mean... Why would I...?
30 qst620503_msg0029 84 ...I suppose somebody must have seen me. I was so careful.
31 qst620503_msg0030 84 Are you actually for real, right now?
32 qst620503_msg0031 84 Don't look at me like that, son. You love those embercakes as much as the next person.
33 qst620503_msg0032 84 You're not wrong, Father, but I never took YOU for an embercake man!
34 qst620503_msg0033 84 Well, I hardly think...
35 qst620503_msg0034 84 So the whole rebellion thing was just... coincidence?
36 qst620503_msg0035 84 Looks like it.
37 qst620503_msg0036 84 More luck than brains, us...
38 qst620503_msg0037 84 Regardless, your reward will be large. For your help, of course, and for your discretion regarding the embercakes.
39 qst620503_msg0038 84 Ahaha!
40 qst620503_msg0039 84 Hah hah hah... Wait! Embercakes?! I just heard the craziest rumor about Embercakes!
41 qst620503_msg0040 84 So, apparently... Uh... The thing is... Well, these embercakes... Ugh, I forgot again!
42 qst620503_msg0041 84 And let's keep it that way, shall we?