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1 qst620502_msg0001 84 This is... It looks like...
2 qst620502_msg0002 84 The rumors were true.
3 qst620502_msg0003 84 Your Highness! You're back!
4 qst620502_msg0004 84 There's been an uprising and everything's gone crazy.
5 qst620502_msg0005 84 It's too much for us to handle by ourselves, Highness. Might we count on your aid?
6 qst620502_msg0006 84 Of course.
7 qst620502_msg0007 84 Maybe this is what Finch was talking about back at the inn...
8 qst620502_msg0008 84 Wait, maybe I remember what it was...
9 qst620502_msg0009 84 Ughhh, I can't remember!
10 qst620502_msg0010 84 This is NOT the time for stupidity, ugh!
11 qst620502_msg0011 84 It's not so bad, Finch. You heard that a rebellion would take place within the palace.
12 qst620502_msg0012 84 The fact that you told us about it right away meant we were ready to move out.
13 qst620502_msg0013 84 And here we are, right after the whole thing happened, ready to sort things out.
14 qst620502_msg0014 84 I did? Cool!
15 qst620502_msg0015 84 Just when I thought she got it together...
16 qst620502_msg0016 84 Your Highness. The rebel soldiers are heading for the forbidden gate that lies beyond Puresnow Passage.
17 qst620502_msg0017 84 Right, then. Sounds like a job for the Zekenator. Let's go.
18 qst620502_msg0018 84 Indeed. We need the situation under control before we try to find out what's gone on.