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1 qst620501_msg0001 84 Guys! GUYS!
2 qst620501_msg0002 84 Wake up, wake up! We gotta get outta here, now now now!
3 qst620501_msg0003 84 Even Finch couldn't be THIS worked up over nothing... Right?
4 qst620501_msg0004 84 Very well put...
5 qst620501_msg0005 84 Whoa, whoa, Finch! Slow down! What's brought all this on?
6 qst620501_msg0006 84 Just now, right, I was walkin' 'round when I hear the most awful news! They said that-
7 qst620501_msg0007 84 ...They said! They said...
8 qst620501_msg0008 84 It was...
9 qst620501_msg0009 84 Um...
10 qst108301_msg0016 84 鳥頭 LV.3
11 qst620501_msg0010 84 I forgot.
12 qst620501_msg0011 84 Saw that one coming.
13 qst620501_msg0012 84 It must have been really big, right? Can you remember anything at all?
14 qst620501_msg0013 84 Nope, too late! It's gone now.
15 qst620501_msg0014 84 I'm tryin' but nothin's comin' back!
16 qst620501_msg0015 84 But I remember it was something about Marge! I definitely maybe heard her name.
17 qst620501_msg0016 84 Mòrag. My name is Mòrag. How many times do we have to go over this?
18 qst620501_msg0017 84 Huh? Really? Weird. Are you sure?
19 qst620501_msg0018 84 ...Very sure. In any case, I'm curious to know more about what's going on.
20 qst620501_msg0019 84 I'm jolly well intrigued too. We should investigate.
21 qst620501_msg0020 84 Hmm, how about we put a few mercs on it, then?
22 qst620501_msg0021 84 You guys! Thanks so much!
23 qst620501_msg0022 84 I hope we can work it out somehow...