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1 qst620303_msg0001 84 I've got what you asked for.
2 qst620303_msg0002 84 That's... A Posystone...?
3 qst620303_msg0003 84 Wow! It's stunning...
4 qst620303_msg0004 84 And it'll suit Aurelia to a tee.
5 qst620303_msg0005 84 I'm so happy I asked you guys...
6 qst620303_msg0006 84 Don't even mention it.
7 qst620303_msg0007 84 So, what's next? The backdrop for your proposal, was it?
8 qst620303_msg0008 84 Yes! That's right!
9 qst620303_msg0009 84 ...But lower your voice for Ether's sake! We have to keep this a secret from Aurelia, don't we?
10 qst620303_msg0010 84 Ah, sorry!
11 qst620303_msg0011 84 Well, moving on... I'm Leftherian myself, born and bred, so just let me know what you're after.
12 qst620303_msg0012 84 It'll have to be someplace romantic. Talking about our love on a beach of pure white sand... That kind of vibe.
13 qst620303_msg0013 84 Hm. Baldotas Isle might work, then? Not that I know much about the "talking about our love" part...
14 qst620303_msg0014 84 Well, may as well have a look at it! Lead the way!
15 qst620303_msg0015 84 I got ya.
16 qst620303_msg0016 84 Aurelia dearest, a little something just came up that I have to deal with. Will you be OK by yourself for a bit?
17 qst620303_msg0017 84 Oh, did it now?
18 qst620303_msg0018 84 Well, all right, if it's just for a bit...
19 qst620303_msg0019 84 I won't be long, promise. It's just, I heard an old friend was in the area so I thought I'd go say hello, is all.
20 qst620303_msg0020 84 An old friend, is it? Well, be careful, now.
21 qst620303_msg0021 84 Will do!
22 qst620303_msg0022 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Who does he think he's fooling, anyway?