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1 qst620203_msg0001 84 Good. We're all here.
2 qst620203_msg0002 84 Does anyone have anything to report?
3 qst620203_msg0003 84 I have felled all monsters on Fonsett Island, the Isle of Urchon, in the Ansel Hatchery, all the way to Ysheva Harbor.
4 qst620203_msg0004 84 I don't think anyone asked you to go quite that far...
5 qst620203_msg0005 84 Perhaps, but at least no more harm will befall the village's fields.
6 qst620203_msg0006 84 Godfrey, how about you?
7 qst620203_msg0007 84 I went and lectured every last soul in Fonsett, under the searing light of justice!
8 qst620203_msg0008 84 Weren't you supposed to be asking about eyewitness accounts...?
9 qst620203_msg0009 84 Huh, now that you mention it... But never mind that, for I got results!
10 qst620203_msg0010 84 I'm happy to announce, there's not a single bad person in the village! The salt of Alrest, all of them!
11 qst620203_msg0011 84 But, uh, people have been known to conceal their true selves.
12 qst620203_msg0012 84 In any group, there is at least one outlier with darkness in their heart.
13 qst620203_msg0013 84 But nobody'd just steal vegetables from a field, right? Come on, nobody here could do such a heinous thing!
14 qst620203_msg0014 84 Also, nobody's seen anything suspicious, either!!!
15 qst620203_msg0015 84 Hmph. Keep your emotions in check. Stay calm, as Perun does.
16 qst620203_msg0016 84 ...Tch.
17 qst620203_msg0017 84 Well, what about you, Perun?
18 qst620203_msg0018 84 I kept watch on the field without so much as blinking.
19 qst620203_msg0019 84 It sounds to me like you just enjoy punishing yourself... Same as usual.
20 qst620203_msg0020 84 Grr... Say what you will, at least I made sure nobody would steal any more produce.
21 qst620203_msg0021 84 Nay. Your vigil was pointless, since I had already eradicated the monsters.
22 qst620203_msg0022 84 No no no, you're both wrong! It's thanks to me lecturing the villagers that nothing more got stolen!!!
23 qst620203_msg0023 84 I don't think so... I'm confident that it was my unflinching vigilance that prevented further theft.
24 qst620203_msg0024 84 No way! No way is that true!!!
25 qst620203_msg0025 84 ... Driver, you be the judge of us.
26 qst620203_msg0026 84 Who of us has done the best job? Listen to your heart and answer honestly!
27 qst620203_msg0027 84 Who has done the best job?
28 qst620203_msg0028 84 Perceval
29 qst620203_msg0029 84 Godfrey
30 qst620203_msg0030 84 Perun
31 qst620203_msg0031 84 Ha. An obvious choice.
32 qst620203_msg0032 84 Awriiiiiiight! I knew you'd say that!!!
33 qst620203_msg0033 84 I'm honored. It's good to know my efforts have been appreciated.
34 qst620203_msg0034 84 Erm... Sorry, but...
35 qst620203_msg0035 84 Mind if I get a word in edgewise?
36 qst620203_msg0036 84 That is, I...
37 qst620203_msg0037 84 Aiiieeeeeee!!!
38 qst620203_msg0038 84 I see! So it was this miscreant pilfering the goods!
39 qst620203_msg0039 84 Is that guy so hungry that he had to crawl out of the Cloud Sea? Cripes!
40 qst620203_msg0040 84 ...Hang on a moment! Perceval, didn't you say you'd wiped out all the monsters nearby?!
41 qst620203_msg0041 84 You may remember I am no salvager. Clearly the monsters of the Cloud Sea are outside my remit.
42 qst620203_msg0042 84 And yourself, did you not say you would question the villagers?
43 qst620203_msg0043 84 I find it hard to believe a giant fiend such as this one could remain unseen while stealing food.
44 qst620203_msg0044 84 That's enough bickering, you two. We've got our work cut out for us!
45 qst620203_msg0045 84 Oh, right! Yeah! Justice will be served!!!