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1 qst620202_msg0001 84 'Ave a good look at that, would yeh?
2 qst620202_msg0002 84 This field here were growing mountains of produce, but now it's picked clean as t' Praetor's hanky.
3 qst620202_msg0003 84 I 'ope you can find the thief for me. Ain't nobody else for me to ask.
4 qst620202_msg0101 84 How'd yeh get on hunting for them thieves, then?
5 qst620202_msg0102 84 I'd like to 'ear it from those three Blades, if yeh don't mind.
6 qst620202_msg0201 84 So it were a monster what did it? I can 'ardly believe it...
7 qst620202_msg0202 84 It's a good thing you lot were 'round.
8 qst620202_msg0203 84 Right nasty thing like that be too strong for anyone but Drivers and Blades to 'andle...
9 qst620202_msg0204 84 I'd like to say thanks to them three what helped out, and all. Yeh couldn't bring 'em on over, could yeh?