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1 qst610503_msg0001 84 Were you quite all right? We received a troubling report from the Urayan army, so I was a little worried.
2 qst610503_msg0002 84 According to the report...
3 qst610503_msg0003 84 A mercenary band desperate for spoils had moved to secure the Titan weapons despite official warnings.
4 qst610503_msg0004 84 The Urayans assured us they did not desire war and that we were free to use any means necessary to stop the band.
5 qst610503_msg0005 84 Those tricksy Urayans... They basically shifted responsibility to us, whether the mercenaries succeed or fail.
6 qst610503_msg0006 84 At any rate, how did things go with Irving? Was he causing any trouble?
7 qst610503_msg0007 84 Well, it sounds like he actually managed to make himself useful! That's excellent news.
8 qst610503_msg0008 84 I'm sorry to have troubled you all over this, but I hope this affair has helped Irving to turn over a new leaf.
9 qst610503_msg0009 84 Thank you all so very much.
10 qst610503_msg0101 84 You should find Irving guarding the Titan Weapon Dig Site in Temperantia.
11 qst610503_msg0102 84 Could you go and make sure he's carrying out his assigned mission this time?
12 qst610503_msg0103 84 I'd be forever grateful.