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1 qst610305_msg0001 84 This attic is best attic!
2 qst610305_msg0002 84 Have everything attic aficionado like Didimu could hope for! Like clammy atmosphere, for example...
3 qst610305_msg0003 84 Even have bat creatures living in it! Is sure sign of high-quality attic, Didimu don't mind telling friend.
4 qst610305_msg0004 84 Is worlds above attic in Jakolo's where Didimu stay first night. That attic not have one lousy bat creature! Outrage!
5 qst107703_msg0006 84 Explanation
6 qst610305_msg0005 84 Meh?!
7 qst610305_msg0006 84 Oh, right, now Didimu remember. Come here for guided tour, not for find rented accommodation!
8 qst610305_msg0007 84 Is mean no disrespect to guide Toutour. Didimu head back right away.
9 qst610305_msg0008 84 Thanking friends for looking out for!