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1 qst610303_msg0001 84 Stustu...feel...water content of Stutu... leaving Stustu by the liter...
2 qst610303_msg0002 84 This room so very hot, make person sweat lots. Very helpful for full detox.
3 qst610303_msg0003 84 After sit here a while, Stustu feel like Nopon reborn!
4 qst610303_msg0004 84 Who knew that guided tour of factory also combined with spa day? Ingenious!
5 qst610303_msg0005 84 Mehhh?! What is mean, not part of tour? What is mean, guide Toutour worried?!
6 qst610303_msg0006 84 Oh, all right... Is almost time for Stustu to top up on electrolytes anyway. Me go leave factory now.
7 qst610303_msg0007 84 Thanking friend for timely reminder!