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1 qst610105_msg0001 84 So, how's it goin'? Anyone have any good leads?
2 qst610105_msg0002 84 Hmm, I see.
3 qst610105_msg0003 84 So what you're telling me is...
4 qst610105_msg0004 84 The timber was stolen when the site was closed for the day.
5 qst610105_msg0005 84 I already knew that, though. Ugh, I'd hoped that the boss woulda known somethin' more useful.
6 qst610105_msg0006 84 And you also found out some Tirkin have been keepin' an eye on this place?
7 qst610105_msg0007 84 Very suspicious. Maybe they're our culprits!
8 qst610105_msg0008 84 And seeing as someone saw a big pile of timber by the hut near Seigle Fell...
9 qst610105_msg0009 84 You reckon those Tirkin are stashing what they steal down there?
10 qst610105_msg0010 84 Well, I guess we're gettin' somewhere. Not bad.
11 qst610105_msg0011 84 You think you could check this hut out? Maybe we'll get to the bottom of those Tirkin's tricks.
12 qst610105_msg0012 84 Knew I could count on you. Watch your back out there.
13 qst610105_msg0101 84 Ah, you made it back in one piece! Good to see.
14 qst610105_msg0102 84 So...what did you find?
15 qst610105_msg0103 84 So it WAS the Tirkin. I shoulda known.
16 qst610105_msg0104 84 And you say they dropped a carving? Hand it over, let me have a look.
17 qst610105_msg0105 84 A-amazing!
18 qst610105_msg0106 84 It's so detailed! I've never seen work like it!
19 qst610105_msg0107 84 It takes a real love and respect for your materials to make carvings like this. I never knew the Tirkin had it in them.
20 qst610105_msg0108 84 Hang on! I just had a great idea!
21 qst610105_msg0109 84 Folk in Mor Ardain would pay a fortune for something like this.
22 qst610105_msg0110 84 All we gotta do is buddy up with the Tirkin, give them the lumber and have them carve it. Great idea or what?
23 qst610105_msg0111 84 ...Oh, what am I saying?!
24 qst610105_msg0112 84 You already, uh, took out the Tirkin who did this, didn't you?!
25 qst610105_msg0113 84 No, it's fine... You just did what I asked you to do.
26 qst610105_msg0114 84 Tell you what... Take this carving over to the accessory shop in Torigoth.
27 qst610105_msg0115 84 I'll let Rheena know you're coming. If anyone can make something good out of this, it's her.
28 qst610105_msg0116 84 Nah, I should be the one thankin' you.
29 qst610105_msg0117 84 It's a proper relief to know we don't have to worry about those thieves any more. But...mixed feelings and all.
30 qst610105_msg0201 84 Man, I never woulda guessed the Tirkin could make something like that.
31 qst610105_msg0202 84 I guess we took somethin' beautiful outta this world...
32 qst610105_msg0203 84 Take their last carving over to the accessory shop in Torigoth.
33 qst610105_msg0204 84 I'll let Rheena know you're coming. If anyone can make something good out of this, it's her.