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1 qst560208_msg0001 84 Oh! To meet friends here in such place, is real-life miracle!
2 qst560208_msg0002 84 Me not even quite sure where place is...
3 qst560208_msg0003 84 Occupation of me is wandering bard. Must wander and bard in all kind of places to fill quota.
4 qst560208_msg0004 84 Tell tales for Master Muscle Mod?
5 qst560208_msg0005 84 Tell 500,000 Bonus EXP's worth.
6 qst560208_msg0006 84 Not right now.
7 qst560208_msg0101 84 Ahhh, friends tell great stories. Have not heard likes of in long time.
8 qst560208_msg0102 84 Many thankings!
9 qst560208_msg0103 84 Come to think, for to come all way here and meet friends, is also own kind of grand adventure, no? Maybe grandest!
10 qst560208_msg0201 84 Is too bad...
11 qst560208_msg0202 84 Well, at least me had talking buddies for little bit. Is also not nothing!