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1 qst560206_msg0001 84 Me-meh! Me finally meet friends!
2 qst560206_msg0002 84 Me come bearing boon for friends! Assuming that friends feeling not so hot at legendary game Tiger! Tiger!.
3 qst560206_msg0003 84 ...But then find self lost and arrive in this place.
4 qst560206_msg0004 84 Anyhoodle. How about friends tell of battle stories in exchange for gift?
5 qst560206_msg0005 84 Tell tales for Master Tank Mod?
6 qst560206_msg0006 84 Tell 500,000 Bonus EXP's worth.
7 qst560206_msg0007 84 Not right now.
8 qst560206_msg0009 0 Much happy to be of service.
9 qst560206_msg0011 0 Meh?! Friends not want to talk?
10 qst560206_msg0012 0 Come all this way for nothing... That rustle my jimmies, so it do.