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1 qst502015_msg0001 84 What seems to be the problem here?
2 qst502015_msg0002 84 Well, it's this pond. It's got an infestation of nasty bugs.
3 qst502015_msg0003 84 I want to get rid of them to protect the fish living here, but some of the fish are pretty small, so I can't use insecticides.
4 qst502015_msg0004 84 If someone could pass a delicate flow of lightning energy through the water, I thought that might get rid of them.
5 qst502015_msg0005 84 But there aren't many people who can...
6 qst502015_msg0006 84 Um, actually you look pretty lightningy.
7 qst502015_msg0007 84 Ah, you noticed?
8 qst502015_msg0008 84 Do you think you could manage it? Getting rid of just the nasty bugs, while leaving the fish unharmed?
9 qst502015_msg0009 84 Well, I'm not really used to that kind of delicate control...
10 qst502015_msg0010 84 I might end up giving the fish a nasty shock as well.
11 qst502015_msg0011 84 Don't be like that. Give it a try, at least!
12 qst502015_msg0012 84 Ohhhh... All right, I'll see what I can do!
13 qst502015_msg0013 84 You see? I knew you could do it!
14 qst502015_msg0014 84 Now this pond will be safe and healthy! The fish look happier already!
15 qst502015_msg0015 84 I'm glad I could be of help!
16 qst502015_msg0017 84 You really are a star. Thanks so much!
17 qst502015_msg0024 84 Ahhhh, it's no good! I can't do this!
18 qst502015_msg0025 84 I just know we'll end up with a lake covered in fried fish, belly up!