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1 qst502014_msg0001 84 something the matter here?
2 qst502014_msg0002 84 Ookiooki just arrive here at Leftheria islands. Tour guide Sulala here was meant to showing Ookiooki around.
3 qst502014_msg0003 84 But Sulala get even more excity than Ookiooki! Sulala slip and hit head!
4 qst502014_msg0004 84 ...
5 qst502014_msg0005 84 Well, that's not good at all! I'll go fetch a doctor.
6 qst502014_msg0006 84 Wait please! Too late now for doctor! Sulala heart already stop beating!
7 qst502014_msg0007 84 Could friend use lightning power to start heart of Sulala again?!
8 qst502014_msg0008 84 Whaaaaa?!
9 qst502014_msg0009 84 Is no time for hesitate! Every second, life of Sulala is slip away!
10 qst502014_msg0010 84 Oohhhhhh... I guess I'll just have to try!
11 qst502014_msg0011 84 Meh-meh-meh!!!
12 qst502014_msg0012 84 Big success!
13 qst502014_msg0013 84 Whew-whew! Sulala get so excity there, felt like caught a glimpse of Elysium for a moment!
14 qst502014_msg0014 84 Now, where was we? Come along Ookiooki, lots to see in Leftheria!
15 qst502014_msg0015 84 Wait one moment!
16 qst502014_msg0016 84 Sulala must saying thank you to this nice person.
17 qst502014_msg0017 84 Saying thank you?
18 qst502014_msg0018 84 Sulala not really understand, but thank you friend!
19 qst502014_msg0019 84 Ummm... That's OK. Just as long as you're all right.
20 qst502014_msg0020 84 Friend is savior of life of Sulala! Thank you friend!
21 qst502014_msg0021 84 It looks like I just don't have the power to do this...
22 qst502014_msg0022 84 I'm so sorry!