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1 qst502013_msg0001 84 Young maiden of lightning! Prithee tarry awhile.
2 qst502013_msg0002 84 Um...are you talking to me?
3 qst502013_msg0003 84 Thou wieldest great strength in the ways of lightning, dost thou not?
4 qst502013_msg0004 84 Well, um...I do use lightning, but... I'm a bit crap at controlling it.
5 qst502013_msg0005 84 No matter, no matter. Might I beg of thee to demonstrate thy skill?
6 qst502013_msg0006 84 I too am a disciple of the ways of lightning, yet the limits of my skill weigh down upon my soul.
7 qst502013_msg0007 84 Witnessing the arts of a fellow disciple may provide me the inspiration I seek.
8 qst502013_msg0008 84 Oh, all right then. Watch this!
9 qst502013_msg0009 84 Thy strength is truly remarkable. Words fail me!
10 qst502013_msg0010 84 With such strength, thou shalt surely be able to protect those dear to thee.
11 qst502013_msg0011 84 Protect...those dear to me?
12 qst502013_msg0012 84 Yea, verily. Would only that I were possessed of such strength as thee.
13 qst502013_msg0013 84 I must hone my skills yet further.
14 qst502013_msg0014 84 Thou hast my gratitude, fair maiden. And now, I must away.
15 qst502013_msg0015 84 Ohhh, I really don't think I have enough skills to demonstrate... I'm so sorry!