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1 tlk401003_msg0001 84 I do wonder...
2 tlk401003_msg0002 84 Myself, I am Ardainian, yet I live under the protection of Indol.
3 tlk401003_msg0003 84 And the Urayans and Gormotti here, for instance, seem to get along just as well.
4 tlk401003_msg0004 84 But just take a look at those lot.
5 tlk401003_msg0005 84 Clutching their tools of conflict, and fixing one another with the coldest of stares...
6 tlk401003_msg0006 84 They can't even have a civil discussion short of holding a banquet like this.
7 tlk401003_msg0007 84 Don't you think it's absurd?
8 tlk401003_msg0008 84 If they have the time to be wasting on such extravagances, they should use it to save their own suffering people.
9 tlk401003_msg0009 84 It does frustrate me. Sometimes I think the people running those nations could learn a thing or two from our camp.