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1 tlk401002_msg0001 84 Well, um, I saw these weird bird people.
2 tlk401002_msg0002 84 Not like Nopon, a bit bigger than that, and really, um, birdy-looking!
3 tlk401002_msg0003 84 I think I saw pictures of them before in a picture book, but I can't remember what they're called...
4 tlk401002_msg0004 84 Tirkin, maybe?
5 tlk401002_msg0005 84 Gotta be Tirkin, right?
6 tlk401002_msg0006 84 Sound like Tirkin to Tora!
7 tlk401002_msg0007 84 Tirkin, right?
8 tlk401002_msg0008 84 That's it! They're called Tirkin!
9 tlk401002_msg0009 84 Thanks, that was really bugging me...
10 tlk401002_msg0010 84 But what would a bunch of Tirkin be doing in a place like this?