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1 tlk400907_msg0001 84 Green barrels... This must be it!
2 tlk400907_msg0002 84 And hey, aren't those the yellow barrels from before?
3 tlk400907_msg0003 84 Bion Connectors and Black Ash...
4 tlk400907_msg0004 84 Materials for constructing artificial Blades, without a doubt.
5 tlk400907_msg0005 84 The only question is, where are they going to be taken next?
6 tlk400907_msg0006 84 Are there any clues lying around?
7 tlk400907_msg0007 84 There is note here written in Nopon.
8 tlk400907_msg0008 84 This Nopon writing, yes... But handwriting unbelievably scruffy. Tora not able to read.
9 tlk400907_msg0009 84 Is like baby scribbles.
10 tlk400907_msg0010 84 Neither of you can read it? Wow. That really must be bad.
11 tlk400907_msg0011 84 I suppose we will simply have to decipher it somehow...
12 tlk400907_msg0012 84 That's one option, but would it not be easier to simply keep watch on the barrels themselves?
13 tlk400907_msg0013 84 You say that, but we have no idea when the recipient will pick them up.
14 tlk400907_msg0014 84 Yeah, what if they don't show up for five days or something?
15 tlk400907_msg0015 84 This sounds like the perfect mission to leave to our mercenary allies.
16 tlk400907_msg0016 84 That would be an option, too.
17 tlk400907_msg0017 84 Which shall we go for, then?