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1 tlk400906_msg0001 84 Hmm? You want something?
2 tlk400906_msg0002 84 Tora want to ask about Black Ash!
3 tlk400906_msg0003 84 About Black Ash, eh? Lemme guess - Isset's been blabbing, has he?
4 tlk400906_msg0004 84 That correct.
5 tlk400906_msg0005 84 Honestly, that little punk...
6 tlk400906_msg0006 84 But hey, it's not like I'm doing anything wrong. So sure, I'll tell you.
7 tlk400906_msg0007 84 What d'you want to know?
8 tlk400906_msg0008 84 Have you been selling large quantities of Black Ash to someone?
9 tlk400906_msg0009 84 I dunno if I'd call it that large. Just a few barrels at a time, every now and then.
10 tlk400906_msg0010 84 If using as shielding agent for ether furnace, maybe not need such large quantity all at once.
11 tlk400906_msg0011 84 Oh, I see.
12 tlk400906_msg0012 84 So could you tell us where you're delivering these barrels to?
13 tlk400906_msg0013 84 Near the entrance to the Old Industrial District.
14 tlk400906_msg0014 84 I just drop the goods off where I'm told to, so I haven't seen the buyer or anything.
15 tlk400906_msg0015 84 Sounds suspicious.
16 tlk400906_msg0016 84 You reckon?
17 tlk400906_msg0017 84 They're reliable with their money, and they pay a fair price. Can't say I ever thought anything seemed off.
18 tlk400906_msg0018 84 And after all, if you're going to build something outside the city, why bother having it carried inside?
19 tlk400906_msg0019 84 Not to mention that meeting up in person would mean having to schedule a time that suits both people.
20 tlk400906_msg0020 84 I guess that's a fair point, but still...
21 tlk400906_msg0021 84 When's your next delivery?
22 tlk400906_msg0022 84 Ten days' time.
23 tlk400906_msg0023 84 Seriously? We have to wait that long?
24 tlk400906_msg0024 84 Perhaps we should simply enjoy an extended hot spring vacation.
25 tlk400906_msg0025 84 Would that not be... less than productive?
26 tlk400906_msg0026 84 Well, I only just made the last delivery. If you head there quick, it might even still be there!
27 tlk400906_msg0027 84 Tell us these things first!
28 tlk400906_msg0028 84 Come on, guys, it's worth a try!
29 tlk400906_msg0029 84 Are the barrels easy to spot?
30 tlk400906_msg0030 84 Yeah, they should be pretty obvious. They're bright green, after all.
31 tlk400906_msg0031 84 Lemme know if there's anything else you want sorting out.