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1 tlk400905_msg0001 84 So what were you wanting to ask?
2 tlk400905_msg0002 84 Tora want to know if somebody bought certain parts in large quantity or took them to somebody.
3 tlk400905_msg0003 84 When you say "certain parts"...
4 tlk400905_msg0004 84 There quite many variety. Tora list them one after another, so if any rings bell, please say.
5 tlk400905_msg0005 84 Really? We're doing this again?
6 tlk400905_msg0006 84 Tetra-Circle!
7 tlk400905_msg0007 84 Snake Joint!
8 tlk400905_msg0008 84 Black Ash!
9 tlk400905_msg0009 84 Hold it! I do have some info on that last one.
10 tlk400905_msg0010 84 Meh-meh-meh?! Over already?!
11 tlk400905_msg0011 84 Masterpon look disappointed...
12 tlk400905_msg0012 84 All right!
13 tlk400905_msg0013 84 Please, tell us the details.
14 tlk400905_msg0014 84 This old guy said he had a regular customer purchasing Black Ash.
15 tlk400905_msg0015 84 Pretty large-scale stuff, from the sounds of it. He was bragging about how he'd be rolling in cash for a while.
16 tlk400905_msg0016 84 Black Ash is key mineral used as shielding agent in ether furnace.
17 tlk400905_msg0017 84 Sounds like we've got our guy.
18 tlk400905_msg0018 84 Do you know where we can find this old guy?
19 tlk400905_msg0019 84 Hmmmmm...
20 tlk400905_msg0020 84 Now, isn't that odd. I can't seem to recall.
21 tlk400905_msg0021 84 Maybe if you bought something, it might jog my memory...
22 tlk400905_msg0022 84 Why, you little...