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1 tlk400903_msg0001 84 Yellow barrels...
2 tlk400903_msg0002 84 Yellow barrels...
3 tlk400903_msg0003 84 Yellow barrels...
4 tlk400903_msg0004 84 I can't see any.
5 tlk400903_msg0005 84 Hmm... Weren't there some over there the first time we came here?
6 tlk400903_msg0006 84 Come to think of it, I do recall something of that nature.
7 tlk400903_msg0007 84 According to memory of Poppi, yellow barrels were definitely there.
8 tlk400903_msg0008 84 So that means...someone must have picked them up already?
9 tlk400903_msg0009 84 I can only assume as much.
10 tlk400903_msg0010 84 Well, that leaves us without any leads...
11 tlk400903_msg0011 84 Aw, man...
12 tlk400903_msg0012 84 Tora not about to give up so easy!
13 tlk400903_msg0013 84 Tora remember there is junk shop in Alba Cavanich. We ask for info there?
14 tlk400903_msg0014 84 Another rare good suggestion from Masterpon!
15 tlk400903_msg0015 84 A junk shop, huh? Yeah, they might know a thing or two about parts for artificial Blades.
16 tlk400903_msg0016 84 Then what're we waiting for?