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1 tlk400901_msg0001 84 Huh? You're...Periperi, right?
2 tlk400901_msg0002 84 Ahhh! Rex! Such coincidence to meet here!
3 tlk400901_msg0003 84 You haven't brought any cargo from Gormott, have you?
4 tlk400901_msg0004 84 Have so.
5 tlk400901_msg0005 84 Even though you were in Argentum?
6 tlk400901_msg0006 84 Came from Argentum to Gormott, then Gormott to Mor Ardain!
7 tlk400901_msg0007 84 Oh, I see... I guess that makes sense.
8 tlk400901_msg0008 84 Then Tora have something to ask Periperi.
9 tlk400901_msg0009 84 Did Periperi transport large quantity of Bion Connector recently?
10 tlk400901_msg0010 84 Meh-meh-meh! Talking about contents of shipment is violation of trade confidentiality!
11 tlk400901_msg0011 84 C'mon, we really need to know this.
12 tlk400901_msg0012 84 Ahhhhh... If it request from Rex, Periperi can not refuse!
13 tlk400901_msg0013 84 Periperi carried Bion Connector in yellow barrels.
14 tlk400901_msg0014 84 How many?
15 tlk400901_msg0015 84 At least 10, Periperi think.
16 tlk400901_msg0016 84 That's got to be it.
17 tlk400901_msg0017 84 Periperi know where shipment for?
18 tlk400901_msg0018 84 Sadly not having that information. Job was only bring cargo to port.
19 tlk400901_msg0019 84 But cargo unloaded here always taken off towards city.
20 tlk400901_msg0020 84 Maybe friends find cargo at inspection point near elevator. Only if recipient not pick up yet, of course.
21 tlk400901_msg0021 84 All right, we'll have a look. Thanks, Periperi.