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1 tlk400702_msg0001 84 Right, you'll have to check the Urayan Merc Missions first. From there, accept the "First Mission".
2 tlk400702_msg0002 84 Ah, but if you don't have a Blade to spare, it'll have to wait until you bond with some more...
3 tlk400702_msg0003 84 Looks like you've accepted it. Good.
4 tlk400702_msg0004 84 Now all you need to do is wait for the Blades you assigned to finish their job.
5 tlk400702_msg0005 84 It's only a simple practice mission, so I'm sure they'll be back in no time.
6 tlk400702_msg0006 84 Oh, sorry, I guess there's one thing I forgot to explain.
7 tlk400702_msg0007 84 Once a Merc Mission ends, the Blades you sent will report in.
8 tlk400702_msg0008 84 That's when you'll find out how it went. And of course, you'll get your rewards.
9 tlk400702_msg0009 84 Point is, for a Merc Mission to be properly complete, you need to check in and collect the reward.
10 tlk400702_msg0010 84 Go on, give it a go now.