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1 tlk400701_msg0001 84 Ah, Rex. Good to see you.
2 tlk400701_msg0002 84 Yeah, um, hi...
3 tlk400701_msg0003 84 Don't look so down.
4 tlk400701_msg0050 84 The boss left a message with me. To give to you, if anything ever happened to him.
5 tlk400701_msg0004 84 A message from Vandham, for me?! You don't think...he knew he'd...?
6 tlk400701_msg0005 84 Maybe. But if you ask me, I don't think he knew.
7 tlk400701_msg0006 84 It's just the kind of life us mercenaries live. You never know which day might turn out to be your last.
8 tlk400701_msg0007 84 So it's not uncommon for us to leave messages like this, just in case.
9 tlk400701_msg0008 84 ...
10 tlk400701_msg0009 84 Now listen up, because this is important.
11 tlk400701_msg0010 84 "Rex. I leave the Garfont Mercenaries in your hands."
12 tlk400701_msg0011 84 ...?!
13 tlk400701_msg0012 84 ...
14 tlk400701_msg0013 84 Um... Is there anything else?
15 tlk400701_msg0014 84 Nope. That's your lot.
16 tlk400701_msg0015 84 What?! Leaving it to me... That's a joke, right?!
17 tlk400701_msg0016 84 This is no joke, kid. It's Vandham through and through - he says what he means, no more, no less.
18 tlk400701_msg0017 84 Well, I mean, I won't deny it's simple, but... Why would he ask me to...?
19 tlk400701_msg0018 84 The boss thought a lot of you, kid. And I think you've struck a chord with the rest of us, too.
20 tlk400701_msg0019 84 You're an honest, straightforward guy, with plenty of nerve and resolve. give us all hope.
21 tlk400701_msg0020 84 I don't think...I can really take all the credit for any of that...
22 tlk400701_msg0021 84 Maybe not. But there's something about you, kid. Everyone feels it.
23 tlk400701_msg0022 84 So tell me, Rex. Will you do as the boss asks?
24 tlk400701_msg0023 165 Take over the Garfont Mercenaries?
25 tlk400701_msg0024 165 Yes
26 tlk400701_msg0025 165 No
27 tlk400701_msg0026 84 ...All right. I'll do it!
28 tlk400701_msg0027 84 Strong words, well said! Nothing less from the guy old Vandham staked his hopes in!
29 tlk400701_msg0028 84 But, um... What exactly would I have to do, as the band's leader?
30 tlk400701_msg0051 84 You said you don't have any other messages from Vandham, right?
31 tlk400701_msg0029 84 Nope. He's a man of few words.
32 tlk400701_msg0030 84 But of course, you'll have me and Zuo to help you out.
33 tlk400701_msg0031 84 We couldn't ask you to suddenly handle all the operations on your own.
34 tlk400701_msg0032 84 You just dole out the big general orders for now. You can count on us to take care of the details.
35 tlk400701_msg0033 84 And then...I guess we'll see how things go from there.
36 tlk400701_msg0034 84 OK. I guess I can probably handle that.
37 tlk400701_msg0035 84 Right! Then let's start by explaining how things work around here.
38 tlk400701_msg0036 84 Our little band takes on all kinds of assignments from all across Alrest.
39 tlk400701_msg0037 84 From escort missions and clearing out monsters, down to gathering materials, and sometimes even smaller things.
40 tlk400701_msg0038 84 But tell me something, Rex. I get the feeling you've got more Blades than you know what to do with. Am I wrong?
41 tlk400701_msg0039 84 If you've got Blades sitting around doing nothing, you can assign them to carry out missions as part of the band.
42 tlk400701_msg0040 84 It'll be good experience for them, and you'll reap the rewards to boot.
43 tlk400701_msg0041 84 Tell you what, it'll be quicker to explain if you try it out for yourself. Go ahead, choose a mission and try clearing it.
44 tlk400701_msg0042 84 Rex...
45 tlk400701_msg0043 84 Could you think back to Vandham's last moments?
46 tlk400701_msg0044 84 You're the only ones who were there to witness it...
47 tlk400701_msg0045 84 Me and Zuo have no way of knowing the details.
48 tlk400701_msg0046 84 How d'you think he felt, at the end? What led him to sacrifice himself?
49 tlk400701_msg0047 84 Did he believe he'd found something worth giving his life for?
50 tlk400701_msg0048 84 I want you to think carefully about that.
51 tlk400701_msg0049 84 ...